Pandemic Changes Business Presentations – But There Is Help!

Covid-19 has changed many things.

It has changed how we behave, how we communicate and how we work. One element that incorporates all of these changes is face-to-face presentations.

For the most part, they quite simply don’t happen anymore. Video presentations are part of this ‘new normal’ caused by the global pandemic.

Jeremy Cassell

To be fair, many business people are finding that this type of communication is more effective and less time consuming anyway. Of course, there are some businesses that are slow to join this trend and these businesses are suffering.

However, help is at hand; co-author of The Leader’s Guide to Presenting, UK Business Book of the Year in 2018, Jeremy Cassell has set out to help business leaders who are struggling with this skill.

His expertise in this area is extensive, having two decades’ experience coaching business leaders and helping them find their authentic presenting voice.

He explained: “Remote working and virtual presenting is here to stay. It’s vital to survival and growth for many. The options are to bury your head in the sand or upskill now. During lockdown, I’ve coached professionals to deliver high stakes virtual presentations or webinars, win virtual pitches or run company meetings to hundreds of people online.”

The pandemic has allowed Mr Cassell to bring his coaching online, helping business people adapt to a more virtual environment with courses on the subject. These courses consist of short digestible videos designed to help anyone who feels that they’re not up to the required standard in this area.

Mr Cassell added: “It’s a critical business skill for so many now and I wanted to help more people deliver truly winning virtual presentations. Whether you suffer from faltering confidence, want to know how to ensure your key messages are remembered, or how to vary your voice for maximum impact, my hope is that these videos will allow you, with practice, to deliver exceptional virtual presentations.”

The courses start at GBP99.99, with full bundles and group training discounts available.

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