Philippines vows to cooperate with UN on human rights

THE PHILIPPINES will cooperate with the United Nations (UN), which will help the government to address killings related to President Rodrigo R. Duterte’s war on drugs, according to the presidential palace.

“We will fully cooperate with the UN Human Rights system,” presidential spokesman Harry L. Roque told an online news briefing on Thursday.

The council earlier passed a resolution seeking technical assistance for the government in improving the human rights condition of its people.

The UN body had sought a probe of Mr. Duterte’s the anti-illegal drug campaign that has killed about 6,000 drug suspects, based on police data. Human rights groups have said about 30,000 people have died under the drug war.

Mr. Roque said the decision of the UN council to provide the support is “very much appreciated.”

Last month, Mr. Duterte spoke before the UN General Assembly for the first time, where he vowed “to protect the human rights of its people, especially from the scourge of illegal drugs, criminality and terrorism.” — Gillian M. Cortez

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