Roofing SEO & web design / marketing: Why it’s important for your business

Website optimization is the new black and it’s continuously being faced with enhancements faster than you can say “SEO”.

You might be wondering if hiring a roofing contractor SEO is worth the shot. We’re here to tell you what optimization for roofing websites means for your business, and why you should give it a go, too.

Roofing SEO And Marketing

There seems to be a misconception that only businesses which are in retail benefit from website optimization. That only such sites need an SEO framework and an online marketing scheme to significantly boost returns.

The fact is that studies show otherwise. Every kind of business will benefit from a strong online presence. And this very much includes contracting services such as roofing, repairs, and construction.

Contracting marketing statistics have seen a consistent rise in how customers check online hubs first when searching for roofing companies. Around 90% of them rely on online channels to inquire about services and learn about the companies themselves.

However, less than 50% of roofing sites are competitive enough to convert those clicks into partnerships with potential clients. Why? Because of the lack (if not the absence) of attention towards SEO.

With this information, you CAN have the competitive edge to stand out in the roofing industry, in the context of website optimization. That is if you’re ready to entrust your business website to an SEO, web design, and website marketing firm.

What Happens When You DON’T Have Roofing SEO?

1. Low Brand Awareness

Smart businesses use the web to make their brand known. And this is possible only through a series of approaches, with search engine optimization at the helm.

Optimizing keywords and key-phrases related to your company and your services, link building and backlinking, strengthening your content marketing strategy, taking organic search into consideration, we could go on and on and a 500-word page wouldn’t be enough.

Traditional advertising dictated this through brick-and-mortar word-of-mouth methods, office-front signages, and the like. Though these still prove somewhat effective, yet the larger pool of your potential clientele can be more effectively reached via online channels.

So, the way to get your business known is to broadcast it online via SEO strategies.

2. Low Traffic

Having a business website won’t do anything for your business in terms of traffic. If it isn’t optimized or is unsearchable, you’ll only be spending on what’s essentially website upkeep that is nowhere near efficient.

When your site isn’t easily searchable, this directly equates to having less potential clients who may be informed about what you do.

Businesses strive to be ranked high on SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) because it’s been proven time and time again that said ranking matters to customers. Most don’t go beyond the first 10 sites on the first page of a search engine.

Apart from this, less traffic equates to a lesser likelihood of increasing your ROI.

3. Low Customer Interaction

Aside from searchability, a stand-out web design concept, and a user-friendly interface among others, potential customers also value interaction. Your SEO firm can aid you in strengthening this feature on your website so that communication channels with customers are seamless.

Accordingly, your response time will also increase, to accommodate queries you receive through your site, without delay.

When your future clientele sees and experiences the way you handle customer queries and concerns, they’ll be more likely to trust your business. To add, that’s an open door to a higher chance of gaining customer loyalty as well.

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