Writing Competition Launched by Ahmed Dahab to Raise Awareness of Injustice

Businessman Ahmed Dahab has experienced many ups and downs throughout his career. Professionally, he has enjoyed plenty of success, having founded numerous profitable enterprises. However, in the past he has struggled with persecution and injustice from corrupt authorities in his home country of Kuwait.

Arrested several times and kept in inhuman conditions for alleged crimes that he was later found not guilty of, Dahab ended up leaving his home and resettling in the UK to escape harassment. He has recently shared his story with the world in the form of an eBook – The Trials and Tribulations of Ahmed Dahab – and has now launched a competition for those that choose to share their thoughts on his experiences.

Competition Entry

Entry to the competition is free and only requires entrants to comment on Ahmed Dahab’s story to be in with a chance of winning a cash prize. All entrants must be aged 18 or over and have a valid email address, as well as consenting for their comment to be used on social media channels and websites belonging to Ahmed Dahab.

Four winners are to be chosen each month, sharing a cash prize pot of GBP1,000. The competition is scheduled to run on a monthly basis. Previously, Ahmed Dahab also ran a front cover drawing competition for his eBook which offered three cash prizes, with a top prize of GBP1,000.

Dahab has produced a synopsis of his book, which is available to read for free for those that want to enter the writing competition.

Professional History

Ahmed Dahab was born in Sudan but moved with his family to Kuwait at a young age, which was his country of residence until he moved to the UK.

He started his first company before the age of 20, buying and assembling computer parts before selling on the completed products. He went on to found numerous enterprises, building a business empire that included supermarkets, beauty salons, launderettes, real estate and large restaurants. By 2011, he had made his first million pounds.

Between 2016 and 2018, Dahab was subjected to continued harassment and persecution by the local authorities in Kuwait, jailed several times, and forced to live in unsanitary and inhumane conditions for crimes he did not commit.

He now lives as a successful businessman in the UK. His writing competition was designed to raise awareness of this miscarriage of justice.

For full terms and conditions and the chance to win, visit: ahmeddahab.org

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