Hemp Oil vs. CBD Oil: Differences explained

There’s an ongoing debate between hemp oil vs. CBD oil. Which one is better? The 2018 Farm Bill made the production of industrial hemp legal in the United States.

Since then, hemp-derived compound cannabidiol has risen in popularity among consumers looking for natural alternatives to help improve their lifestyles.

While hempseed oil has been around for decades, both hemp oil and CBD oil are now available on store shelves leading to confusion for some consumers as to the differences of CBD vs hemp oil. So is hemp oil the same as CBD? Is it better than hemp oil? Here is what you should know to help you understand the differences and advantages of CBD vs hemp oil.

Is Hemp the Same as CBD?

Cannabidiol is derived from cannabis plants, often referred to as marijuana and hemp plants. However, when it comes to hemp products containing cannabidiol, only products that are derived from hemp and marijuana plants may contain this cannabis compound. Products that are derived from hemp seeds will have no more than trace amounts of cannabidiol.

Some sellers of hemp products intentionally mix the terms hemp oil vs CBD oil up in an attempt to get customers to pay a premium for a hemp seed-derived product. Thanks to the recent “green rush,” some unethical brands try to confuse customers who really want to purchase cannabidiol and are unaware that hemp seed products actually contain little to no cannabidiol content.

As a result, it is important to check a hemp product for the specific amount of cannabidiol that it contains in order to determine if the product is produced from hemp seed or from the hemp plant itself.

While hemp products are required by federal law to contain less than 0.3% THC, the amount of cannabidiol that hemp products may contain can vary from zero percent to a measurable amount. Also, some products contain minuscule amounts of THC, while other manufacturers work to ensure that their broad-spectrum products contain no THC at all.

CBD vs Hemp Oil

Now that hemp seed products have been eliminated as products that do not contain cannabidiol, it’s important to also understand hemp oil vs CBD oil. Hemp oil is a common name for hemp seed oil. It is oil that comes from industrial hemp.

In order to create hemp oil, the seeds of the hemp plant are cold-pressed and the oil produced is processed and refined before it is bottled. Hemp oil contains only trace amounts of CBD. It is not present in sufficient quantities to yield any of the benefits that people seek from products where this cannabis substance is the main active ingredient.

However, hemp oil does have its own benefits. Studies show that it contains proteins, omega fatty acids, vitamin E, and anti-inflammatory properties. Hemp oil’s primary use is as a topical product and food supplement.

As a result, hemp oil vs CBD oil are two very different products. Since cannabidiol is an extract from the hemp plant, it is available in many different forms, not just oil. It comes from various parts of the plant such as flowers, leaves, and stalks of hemp. It can potentially be incorporated into a seemingly endless list of products.

The most common form of cannabidiol on the market is CBD oil. When comparing hemp oil vs CBD oil, hemp seed oil may be made purely from hemp seed. However, it will not contain cannabidiol.

On the other hand, cannabidiol oil may be made from cannabidiol extracted from mature hemp plants and, in some cases, may contain other carrier oils such as olive oil in the product. In most commercially available oils, hemp seed oil is used as the carrier oil for cannabidiol oil products.

Is CBD Better Than Hemp Oil?

The debate regarding hemp extract vs CBD only continues due to the fact that people confuse hemp seed oil with cannabidiol. However, it’s clear that when people refer to hemp oil vs CBD oil, they are unaware that they are really talking about the same thing. It is the main ingredient of hemp extract that is derived from mature hemp plants, not the seed.

So is CBD better than hemp oil? The short answer is yes when we are talking about CBD vs hemp oil that is derived from hemp seed. However, if you are talking about full-spectrum hemp oil vs CBD that are both derived from mature hemp plants, then it could be confusing for you once again.

Full-spectrum hemp oil vs CBD is another important distinction to make because full-spectrum hemp oil contains terpenes and nutrients that are not in cannabidiol alone unless the product specifies that it is a full-spectrum hemp product.

Anyone who is looking for a hemp-derived wellness supplement made from hemp should look for products that contain verified amounts of CBD, namely full-spectrum formulations. To ensure that you are buying the right product, you should know that full-spectrum products may also list broad-spectrum hemp, phytocannabinoid-rich cannabidiol as its main ingredient.

Where to Buy CBD Oil

Consumers can buy CBD products in-store or online. Federal law deems CBD products legal so long as they contain no more than 0.3 percent THC content. This meager amount in certified full-spectrum CBD products will not induce a high or show up in drug tests if taken in moderate doses.

With so many sellers claiming to have the best hemp products around, how can you truly tell which ones are the best? The first is to check whether the company conducts third-party lab testing on all of its products. These tests verify the ingredients and respective concentrations in your hemp, showing brand transparency and quality to the consumer.

Third-party lab tests will also verify the purity of your product, showing that it is free of any harmful pesticides, herbicides, solvents, and heavy metals. The presence of these substances in your CBD may result in compromised health or worse.

High-quality hemp products will have clear labels, locally sourced hemp plants, and only the best ingredients to create your chosen CBD oil. If you are looking for the best cbd products like edibles canada then you can easily get these from a reputed store like Blosum CBD, where you’ll get the best high quality products.

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