Apple One services bundle could be launched within days

Apple is preparing a new bundle of all its subscription products called Apple One, according to a leak in the source code of one of its apps.

The bundle, which has been rumoured for some time and could be launched as soon as next week’s press event, will combine a number of Apple services including Apple Music, Apple TV+ and Apple Arcade in one subscription for a discounted fee.

An increasing number of accidental clues in Apple software releases have confirmed the company is working on such an offering. For instance, in June a beta release of iOS, the company’s IPhone operating system, contained code that referred to a “bundle offer” and “bundle subscription”.

Now the name of the offering has also surfaced. In the version of Apple Music for Android phones, code refers to Apple One as a subscription bundle that includes Apple Music.

The discovery, first reported by the technology website 9 to 5 Google, also reveals the codename of the project: Aristotle.

Still unknown, however, are the price and launch date. If bought separately, a subscription to Music, TV+, Arcade, and News+, the company’s news and magazine subscription service, is almost GBP30 a month.

Many users will pay more again for services such as extra storage on iCloud, extended warranties through AppleCare, or even buy their iPhones on a subscription offering.

If the name is set and appearing in live products, it suggests the product could be ready to launch soon. Apple is hosting a press event on Tuesday 15 September at which new iPads and Apple Watches are expected to be launched.

The latest iPhones, which will be the first with a 5G connection, will not be revealed at the event because Covid-related problems have delayed production.

The technology industry is increasingly shifting towards subscription revenue models. Microsoft has announced it will be selling its new Xbox, the Series X, as part of a GBP28 a month subscription that includes free access to every game the company publishes. Microsoft has long sought to shift sales of its Office software towards the Office 365 subscription product.

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