Popular online games

Online gaming is gaining popularity due to the versatile types of games various sites offer. Live casino games have rules and navigation tips that every gamer should understand.

Appealing features and exciting adventures in the games is what keeps most players glued to the games.

What are the most popular online games?

FIFA online

FIFA is a combination of sports games developed by the Electronic Arts (EA). The game has a free-to-play version, which was released in 2006. It is also available in career mode or match play. The game is customized in pure soccer features and precision gameplay. The adopted features enable the players to make moves in the pitch with accuracy.

The game has a responsive control that helps the player command the ball’s passing and shoots. EA has also incorporated intelligent features enabling live game sessions, tournaments rankings, and auto-matching.


Minecraft is a video sandbox game that was developed by Mojang studios. Initially, the game was developed in Java language only to be released in 2009 as a public alpha. In 2011 the game was released on Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Mac, and some smartphones.

The game has adventurous features, and players unmask raw materials, build structures or craft tools. In the game, you dig holes to collect various blocks. It involves creativity and imagination as you are required to create designs from a small mud hut. The game is interesting and mind involving and will keep you glued and occupied in the various scenes.

You get to experience survival tactics as ghouls and zombies appear in the game during the night. You have to craft weapons or protective shelter to survive. The game has four variable modes; spectator mode, creative mode, survival mode, and hardcore mode.

Call of duty

Call of duty is a shooter game. The game started in 2003 and mainly focused on the World War ll. However, modern games feature outer spaces, futuristic worlds, and the cold war. The game allows the player to advance in various wars and battle with different human opponents. The game is popular due to its appealing features such as competitive arenas, fast-paced, and easy to play and navigate.


DOTA 2 was developed by Valve and features a battle arena. The game features two teams that have five players each. Each team needs to occupy a certain base and defend it from the opponents. During the playing process, the players collect points and items to defeat the opponent. A team is declared as the winner if it successfully destroys the opponent’s ancient (a structure situated within the base).

The game is popular due to its iconic heroes and Warcraft 3 features. The live chatting sessions, spectating live games, cosmetic stores, and reports make the game outstanding.

Bottom Line

They are numerous games you can select in various virtual sites. A good game should be exciting, adventurous, and incorporate intelligent features. The above games are the most popular online and have acquired many players in the past, and their future is promising.

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