Protect your commercial building from birds

If you own a commercial building, then you are probably more than aware of the damage that birds can cause. As soon as you notice bird droppings, it would be best if you took immediate action to stay legally compliant.

Once you notice bird droppings, otherwise known as guano – you should invest in bird proofing straight away. Birds such as pigeons and gulls can cause significant damage to your reputation, as according to Medical News Today, birds can carry over 60 diseases. Click here to learn more about bird proofing and the available services.

This statistic means bird proofing is especially important if you own a restaurant or food premises as the risk of contamination is increased. Customers can become ill from food which has been contained by guano, or there is a risk that they may slip from the bird droppings on the floor. Other industries should also take an interest in bird proofing as once you’ve been targetted, your reputation can become damaged.

So, if you’re in London, then we’d recommend to Google for the “top pest control companies” that can help with your bird-related issue.

Signs birds are on your commercial building

Before reading further about the bird proofing measures that are available, we would like you to understand how to identify birds on your commercial building. Knowing the common signs will allow you to be proactive and stop the infestation before it becomes too severe.

Common signs include:

  • Guano or dropping located near roofs, ledges on vehicles or stock.
  • Birds make noises so you’ll be able to hear them around the area.
  • Birds are settling on commercial building ledges, wires or cables.
  • Damage to stock due to bird droppings.

Wondering what bird proofing measures are available?

Several bird proofing services can be used to protect your commercial building. The main ones include:

Bird spikes

Bird spikes are probably the primary method used to control birds. They stop birds sitting on the ledge of an area that they find appealing. When birds try to perch on the shelf of a commercial building, they will be unable to do so.

Bird netting

Bird netting is the most robust method used to protect commercial buildings from birds. Although not the prettiest, it stops birds from accessing an area for good and is ideal for rooftops or hangers.

Other methods are available such as post and track, bird free gel and new industry products such as bird alert.

Birds and Commercial Buildings

Now you know a little more about how to stop the damage birds can cause to commercial buildings. You’ll probably want some tips on choosing a professional pest control company. We recommend finding a company that is BPCA qualified and can produce all insurance documents.

Final Comments

Hopefully, the advice offered by the Business Matters team can help your business stay compliant with issues birds cause to commercial buildings. We’d recommend reading further on the bird proofing services that are available and discussing with a pest control company the appropriate steps to prevent birds from ever causing damage to your business again.

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