Speed bumps and humps for a safe back-to-school season

The back-to-school season is one of inevitable chaos for millions of families across the UK. It’s also a time that combines congestion on the roads with unpredictable weather.

There’s no escaping the school run, which inevitably means busy roads, crowded car parks and generally chaotic conditions for drivers.

This is precisely where the potential value of speed bumps, speed humps and speed ramps comes into the mix. At a time when road safety matters most, the installation of just a few simple (and affordable) traffic calming measures really can make all the difference.

Why Install Speed Bumps for Schools?

Truth is, you can’t always rely on motorists to drive slowly and carefully in the vicinity of schools. Even with the best intentions, a simple lapse in concentration for a few seconds is all it takes to pose a major risk to the health and safety of those nearby.

This is where the installation of speed bumps and other traffic calming measures can help, offering a wide variety of benefits for such simple road safety features. Just a few examples of which include the following:

Prevent Accidents and Collisions

Research has shown that the likelihood of a vehicle being involved in an accident or collision where speed bumps are present is much lower than on roads with no traffic calming measures. This is primarily due to the fact that most speed bumps reduce the speed of traffic to around 5mph to 10mph, giving drivers much more time to observe their surroundings and react to risks.

Reduce Risk of Injury

Kids of all ages can’t always be trusted to be as sensible as they can when walking to and from school. There’s always the risk one or more children will simply walk out into traffic at any time – often appearing out of nowhere from between two parked cars (or any other visual obstructions). In such instances, a car travelling at 10mph is far less likely to seriously injure the child than a car going 30mph on the same road.

Evidence has shown that when speed bumps and traffic calming measures are installed around schools, children and pedestrians are significantly less likely to be injured.

Helps to Ease Traffic

Last but not least, speed bumps and humps can also play a direct role in easing traffic and reducing congestion. They help ensure drivers move at a consistent speed, while at the same time deterring drivers who don’t need access to the school from using these roads entirely.

Contact Street Solutions…

Here at Street Solutions, we offer an extensive range of premium quality speed bumps and traffic calming products for use around schools. If you have any questions regarding the installation, use or legality of speed humps and bumps for traffic calming, call anytime for an obligation-free consultation.

Alternatively, email a member of the team at Street Solutions with details of your query and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Craig Upton

Craig Upton

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