Game Mode, URF- League of Legends

URF League of Legends is a game mode first featured in its introduction during April’s Fools Day.

You can expect drastic cooldown abilities with total reduced costs and map timers.  The game allows the player to use their skills competitively to barrage and go nuts as they play against their opponent.

Mechanics in URF

Ultra Rapid Fire works like a regular League of Legends game. The mode is set up in the Rift of Summoner with a 5v5 3-Lane system. You can expect the same system-matched functions to work similarly to a ranked game when engaging in a champion. URF game mechanics also involve a cool game that doesn’t affect the hidden MMR when playing.

URF Skills & Abilities

Throughout this game, you can expect spamming of skills by the players themselves. You will also be given a reduced cooldown of 80% on your craft with no energy or mana expansion.

  • Summoner Skills

The summoner skill in URF League of Legends Game Mode involves the following options;

  • Cooldown reduction which allows free spamming
  • Addition of the Champion Cannon, which caused the removal of teleportation
  • Contains cooldown timers
  • Champion Cannon

The unique feature contains a giant cannon placed behind a nexus that allows the player to be halfway through your available map. Until reaching the destination, the shot units are unstoppable. You can’t stay inside the cannon for more than 10 seconds because you will get forced out as a player.

  • Jungle Changes

Jungling isn’t the same as that of a standard summoner’s rift game. There is no need to pick any blue sentinel because when beginning a game because of the presence of a big boost of unlimited resources and reduction in cooldown. Other changes made in the jungle include;

  • Significantly reduces smile cooldown, which makes getting objectives easier
  • A replaced 10-minute mark of Rift Herald

Advanced URF Strategies

  • Laning & Roles

URF has a lane lineup that’s more organized to provide the player with high chances of easily defeating their enemies.

  • Top Lane

If you pick the jungler, you may experience difficulty playing the top lane of Ultra Rapid Fire. You will end up in 1v2 to 1v3, which sucks, unlike when playing the Nasus and Vladimir, where you can sustain high playing chances by keeping a distance because they annoyingly never die.

  • Junglers

Involves giving the players a great advantage when playing URF games by allowing domination over the jungle camps and neutral objectives when they lack the jungler. Avoid being thrifty and use activated champions AoE abilities that will help in clearing cams and moving the swindle faster.

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