One-third of UK Small Businesses Admit Not Providing Cyber Security Training

Sharp UK today releases new findings identifying cyber security training as a cause for concern amongst UK businesses, as a third of SMB owners admit to providing no training or resources for employees. Despite this, two-thirds of those surveyed said that human error was a worry for the welfare of their business’ digital infrastructure and security.

Sharp undertook the research to better understand the efforts made by small business owners to reinforce their cyber security in the aftermath of Covid-19 and lockdown, and the impending return to the office for some staff. The results of the research show that a proportion of the SMB community, a sector that is reportedly the focus of 43% of all cyber-attacks, may be unprepared.

Sharp’s findings also show that just under half of respondents (48%) are concerned about possible phishing attacks, and 40% said they are concerned by the impact of ransomware – the same amount (40%) cited data protection as a key concern. Furthermore, 10% of respondents also claimed that they do not know how teams are accessing and sharing business data, highlighting that there is work to be done.

These insights come at a time of introspection for small businesses as many begin to contemplate the reality of returning to the office after lockdown, and the measures needed to support remote working and a blended approach to working for employees across the country. A key factor to consider is how to ensure company data is handled securely while employees continue to work off-site.

The findings from the research undertaken by Sharp are a stark reminder of the significant portion of the small business community that do not consider cyber-attacks a serious threat.

Less than half of respondents outsource their IT services, with the rest either managing this internally or with no protection. These findings could lead more businesses to consider outsourcing their IT, given the grey area around how cyber security can be ensured with a significant number of employees working remotely.

Stuart Sykes, Managing Director at Sharp UK, said: “Cyber security and data protection has been high on the agenda for businesses over the past few decades, yet there remains a section of the small business community that are yet to take up the mantle. The truth is that hackers target small businesses more than any other sector, and this casual approach could be a key reason why. We at Sharp are well placed to help our customers identify where their business data could be compromised and provide advice on the best services to combat it.”

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