Track on time location of your kids with parental controls

In present time, parents are raising a new generation of techie kids. Toddlers or infants nowadays use tablets and teens text to communicate and also use the internet for various purposes.

Also, most of the schools have integrated computers and tablets into their curriculum. Parents also allow their children and teens to have a Smartphone because it’s the best way to stay in touch with them. It also provides parents a sense of where their children are and what they are doing.

Parents of modern age face a lot of  challenges: weighing the pros and cons of giving their children digital freedom and defining the limitations of that freedom. Most of the parents understand that limitation of children’s access to the internet can affect their ability to learn and develop. But this can also mean exposing children to online threats and content which are not ideal for their age can affect their mind and behavior.

That’s why installing a security software with parental controls on all devices of home can help parents and kids to navigate the digital world around them phone tracker. The level of the control you’ll place on their devices will depend on their age, maturity, and the mental state of your child. Famisafe is the most famous parental control app available in the market for this purpose.

Reasons to use parental control apps:

  • Helps monitor your kids’ devices

While your kids are learning about social media and making friends online, you can do your part by keeping tabs on their Smartphone’s and other devices. You can check the app store for many more options. These apps can help you to monitor emails, texts, social media profiles and other mobile functions. It can help you when you’re concerned about problematic conversations or activities of your kids. There are some apps available which will notify you when it detects certain words such as “drugs.”

  • Allows you to manage the search engines

Search engines can help you find anything. But there comes a problem with it. Access to inappropriate content for some kids, depending on their age and stage of development can be dangerous. Parental controls such as Famisafe helps you to block adult content and violent or vulgar images, videos from search results. You may need to use the most up-to-date operating system to log in under customized user profiles.

  • Allows you to track your kids’ location

These apps can help your whole family to track each other’s locations. It can let you know if your kids are safe and where they are. It also helps you find them in emergencies. What you will need to do is just turn on for the GPS tracking.

  • You can set screen time limits

Excessive screen time for kids and teenagers can result in poor eyesight, inadequate sleep, bad posture and lack of physical activity. Parents can try to enforce a healthy lifestyle by limiting the screen time for their children. The features of these apps can help set boundaries by setting the time limits.

  • Can block certain features of games 

Kids are always addicted to gaming. Many gaming consoles which come with internet access allows your kids to surf the web, make in-app purchases, and also talk with other players. As this feature makes the game more interesting, but you obviously don’t want your kid using your credit cards connected to your account or talking with strangers. Parental controls lets you set up user profiles for you and your family members. Many parental control apps can allow you to set up different profiles for each family member so they can access online content that will only access certain features and it will also allow you to monitor what they’re doing while using the game.

  • Helps to establish good cyber safety habits

Cybercrime is a known term today, it is a multibillion-dollar industry, and it can often prey on people’s poor cyber habits parental control. A child’s brain is constantly developing and they are learning new things everyday. As they want to know more, it can inadvertently engage them in risky online behavior, or disclosing too much information, such as their school name or date of birth, which is compromising their safety along with their families. Many parental control apps allow you to set up different profiles so each family member can access online content that is a level appropriate to them

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