What are perspex protection screens and how to use them

In recent times, we have witnessed a sudden increase in the demand for something called Perspex Protection Screens or Perspex Screens.

But what exactly are these sheets, you ask? A perspex protection screen is a clear sheet made out of plastic.

But what are these perspex screens useful for and how exactly do you use them is a common question that we have come across. Very recently, perspex counter screens have been used for creating barriers or partitions between people or areas and maintain a safe distance between people. Perspex screens have already been in huge demand and have been accepted by large organisations like schools, colleges, and corporate to maintain a safe distance between their students, workers, employees, and guests.

What is a Perspex Screen?

Perspex Protection Screens are completely transparent screens that are made out of lightweight clear material, usually with a thickness of 5mm. When you order a perspex screen, you are provided the screen with two support legs that will allow the screens to be free-standing, by taping, gluing, or drilled to surfaces with screws.

The perspex protection screen is a very simple and clear, but extremely effective barrier that will create a shield to safeguard employees, students, and guests without creating an environment of discomfort. These perspex counter screen keep the people around safe from airborne pathogens that are easily transmitted through coughing or sneezing.

Today, perspex screen is a plastic product that is most used and seen around us in our communities. It doesn’t matter if they are transparent or translucent, attached to tables or other surfaces or freestanding, but we see a lot of these protective screens around us that work as sneeze guards and social distancing screens.

Different ways protective screens are used as:

  • Desk Screens/ Counter Screens
  • Sneeze Guards
  • Sneeze Screens
  • Perspex Guards
  • Perspex Screens
  • Protective Desk/Screen Dividers
  • Protective Barrier
  • Countertop Screens

How perspex screens are used in different spaces

These perspex protection screens have been present around us for quite a few months now in supermarkets, businesses, schools, colleges, offices, gyms, restaurants, etc. Very recently, even pubs and nail salons have been making use of perspex screens for counters in their business space as it has proved to be really useful for the businesses that have already adopted it.

Schools, colleges, and offices were some of the initial places that started making use of protective counter screen to make sure the students, teachers, and employees are able to interact freely without feeling unsafe or exposed to harmful particles in the air.

Retailers and Supermarket owners witnessed a lot of discomfort among their customers and finally, this has led to them adopting perspex protection screens in business space. Both retailers or supermarket owners and their customers have been trying to get used to the new way of shopping and dealing with each other. But they have realised how having a protective counter screen or a perspex protection screen can make all the difference the business.

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