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Times Square Ad Coalition (TSAC) was created to provide wide ranging solutions and assistance for digital marketing certification exams, such as Google Certification, HubSpot Certification, SEMrush Academy Certifications, and more.

Please note, this website has no correlation to the previous website and company of the same name and domain address.

Times Square Ad Coalition is fully dedicated to providing the right answers so that test takers can get full marks on their tests – 100% – and achieve their chosen certification. The answers are available for all digital marketing certification exams available across the internet, and we update the content regularly.

What is great about our service is that not only do we provide the correct answers, but we also give students an in-depth explanation to enable them to better understand the reasoning behind an answer. This goes a long way to the student being able to retain the knowledge learned.

This is what sets us apart – we want test takers of all digital marketing certifications to succeed and use our website repeatedly for each test they take. We provide considerable additional value in comparison to other similar sites who only provide correct answers and do not help you to further understand the “why” behind the answer.

Times Square Ad Coalition’s goal is to assist you every step of the way, learning about the course and its content, not merely giving you the answers so you can pass. What good is a certification if you cannot actually put it into practice?

New Owners of Times Square Ad Coalition

TSAC was previously an advertising company based in Time Square, New York. Their rates were high, and their client base was only in New York. They were unsuccessful and unfortunately had to close their business and did not renew their domain ( We had great plans for a business providing solutions to digital marketing and advertising certification exams, and so we purchased the domain for a premium price at a domain auction and renewed it. Next came the rebrand – and here we are!

From time to time we have people asking about the previous company, however, to clarify, we have no affiliation to the old business.

Google Certification

A Google certification gives you a professional accreditation to show potential employers or clients that you are proficient in their branded tools. Considering how popular Google’s tools are, and how they are in use all over the internet, it makes sense to get Google Certified to prove you know what you are talking about. For example, Google Certification demonstrating proficiency in AdWords is possible, and after passing the exam, you can display a special badge on your website for all clients and potential clients to see, or display the badge on your resume.

Having Google Certified skills under your belt that enable you to advance your career are highly valuable. Without Google Certification, your word is what clients and employers would need to depend on. This is sometimes difficult if they do not know you, and perhaps if you are up against another freelancer who is certified, that person may win the business. After you pass your digital marketing certification exams, your newly acquired skills could quickly move you into the “high demand” category.

SEMrush Certification

The SEMrush Academy is one of the better known SEO certification academies and to have their certification in your repertoire can go a long way to getting you new business as a freelancer, and more chances at nabbing your dream job if you are looking for employment in this area. SEMrush is a tool to help people improve their online visibility and it also reveals marketing insights. It is an all in one tool to assist marketers working in industries such as competitive research, content marketing, keyword research, SEO, PPC, campaigning management and PR, to name a few.

One of their most popular certifications is the SEMrush Content Marketing Toolkit which you would take if you were looking to maximize content marketing efforts – whether for yourself or for the company you work for. Imagine being able to add on your LinkedIn profile that you received a score of 99%, or even 100% in your SEMrush certification exam? It is a great way to show clients and employers that you know your stuff! It would likely be more difficult to achieve the higher pass rates without the help of TSAC, however a pass would still be possible if you were to get a 70% (or above) pass rate.

HubSpot Certification

HubSpot is a platform geared towards sales, customer service, marketing, and CRM software. It provides a range of resources to assist and support businesses with the aim of helping them to succeed. Making use of the HubSpot software enables businesses to attract new visitors, gather and convert leads, as well as close sales. Creating captivating content is also always possible with HubSpot.

HubSpot offer a free educational program for anyone interested in using the software. They will teach you all about data reporting, managing the data within HubSpot, driving business growth, all the different stages of reporting and let us not forget, how to design HubSpot dashboards. To pass the exam, you would need to answer 45 out of 60 answers correctly, but of course, the more you answer right, the higher your score and the more readily you can display this on your list of credentials. It is best to pass the first time with this HubSpot certification exam because if you fail, you will need to wait 12 hours before being able retake the exam. There is also a time limit to take this exam which is three hours.

Hootsuite Certification

This social media management software enables management of different social media networks from just the one dashboard – especially convenient for those businesses and freelancers running multiple accounts across numerous platforms. Creating posts, scheduling them to publish on a future date and specific time, creating streams and tracking conversations, monitoring engagement stats and follower numbers as well as other metrics – all possible from within the Hootsuite app.

Certification with Hootsuite is a paid-for exam. It is $99 to apply to take the exam, so it is worth being as prepared as possible before sitting the exam! The exam has a total of 65 questions, and you will be allowed just 60 minutes to finish it. If you do not complete all the questions in this allotted time (even if all the answers you did answer were correct), then you will fail the exam. Hootsuite’s pass rate for their certification exam is 75%, so a little higher than some of the other digital marketing certification exams.

In Summary

No matter which digital marketing certification exam you are taking, preparation is the key to passing with a good pass rate. Times Square Ad Coalition helps test takers pass well with the correct answers and with detailed justifications so that you understand the logic behind an answer. Understanding the concept behind a theory will stand you in good stead for reaching your future career goals. It is a great way to study because you can simply read the explanation for each correct answer and gather knowledge this way. When one understands the concepts and logic behind and answer, the information is likely to remain.

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