Top industries to develop an app

Developing apps is one of the hot and trendy things to do in the marketplace but doing it in the wrong industry is a big problem.

You could be wondering what could make an industry bad, but there are several reasons like competition, demographics, and others that could back me up. For instance, making an app for people that are 80 years old might not be the most amazing idea right now, because a majority would not be able to use the app to its full function.

Other bad reasons could be that there is already a winning app in the space, and you do not have any type of competitive advantage to beat them in any way. Make sure that you have a unique value or differentiator before developing an app. If you want to get into making an app that is sort of like your inspiration, then an on-demand service app clone may be a smart idea.


It should come as no surprise that healthcare is one of the top industries to develop a winning app. It is actually estimated that 20% of what Americans spend money on can be affiliated with some sort of health or fitness industry sector.

There are a lot of ways to add value in the healthcare niche, and the bigger the problem that you solve it, the more value that your app could have in the end. Making people’s lives improved through a healthcare app would give any creator an incredible feeling. Not to mention, there will probably be great ways to make money with a helpful app.


Besides healthcare, another major thing that people worry about is their money situation. Finding an app idea that could help people invest, save, or increase their income would be very valuable for all parties involved.

Although there is lots of competition in this space, I think it would be a worthwhile venture if you have the right idea and means to complete the app. Before investing heavily in an app, always do your own due diligence to see if it will be a profitable venture. If you are not solving a problem or making it easier for people with their finances, then it is not a good idea.

The finance app industry is a tough one to crack into, but worth it if you succeed!


The last sector that I will point out for you is the education industry. It should go without saying that you can have a successful app if you provide value for people. Value is clearly education in this sector, so you have to make sure that your app over-delivers in that regard.

The education niche could always use more innovative and easier to use apps for learning, and there are so many different avenues to tackle education. Always do your homework to see if you could gain market share in a certain part of education before fully pursuing it.

There you have it for 3 industries. But, there are quite literally so many more industries that could use a successful app!

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