Everyone has mobile, laptops, and PCs their home. The internet is the main thing which made a global connection among the people around the world. The whole internet is based on a website and nowadays, in today’s world, everything is on the internet. If someone is starting his/her own business, someone wants to do blogging, someone wants to upload their projects they need a website. There are a number of websites on the internet E-commerce Website, Business Website, Entertainment Website, Portfolio Website, Media Website, Brochure Website, Educational Website, and the list goes on. Whenever someone needs something, first they explore the internet if this thing is available or not there.

If you have better content on your website, better images, or videos and you don’t have the technical SEO audit then you’re not in the position to compete with your competitors. Everything gets improve day by day and year by year. On the internet, things update and you have to walk with these updates. If you don’t, then you may end up decreasing your website traffic. Your competitors will have more advanced features and the world look up to the new things rather than the old things.

A technical SEO audit is advanced which helps us to get the technological details of the website’s SEO. The technical SEO audit explores the metrics of the website and points out what changes may be required to improve the condition and functionality of the website.

There are some factors that can affect the SEO performance of the website. Not meeting the requirements of these websites may cause a huge loss in the traffic and rankings.

SEO Ranking Factors:

Keeping the site with the latest SEO developments cannot be possible to keep up but here are some ranking factors for SEO of the website.

  1. Unique and Readable Content: Plagiarized content causes a fall in the ranking of the website. Duplicate content plays a great role in negative SEO ranking.
  2. Technical SEO: Technical SEO includes crawling on the website to make it best in rankings.
  3. Mobile Friendliness: The website which is viewed on the mobile screen without any glitch is most viewed by the users. Users prefer searching on mobile rather than opening the laptop and then search for it.
  4. Number of Backlinks: The backlinks are the crucial elements for the website to rank higher. More backlinks increment the positions of the site.
  5. Speed of Page Loading: User experience in the Speed of Page Loading is the most important thing. Simple is that, if at first experience, the page will load slowly then that person will never look back to that page.

If you’ll check these audits and maintain these factors at their best with the latest SEO developments then there’s no chance of traffic and rank loss.

We can check and improve these ranking factors using the Tool Called “Domain Authority Checkers”.

Domain Authority Checkers:

As the technologies get more advanced and advanced, there come new tools for the ease of the people. The need of people makes the technology decide, what they have to develop. There is the number of Domain Authority Checkers available on this platform but MozBar and PrepostSEO are the amazing tools to check the SEO website performance.

  1. MOZBAR:

Moz is the Software Company which defined and explained the term “Domain Authority” and developed the MozBar extension to measure the Website metrics.

Features: MozBar offers free extensions for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox with limited functionality to measure the website’s SEO performance. This tells how well the website is doing and what changes should be made to improve the functionality of the website and give the competition to the competitors on the digital platform. You can review 3 reports/ day without paying with this Moz Rank Checker.

How to use: After installing the extension, you’ll see the icon of Mozbar at the top right corner of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. You can activate MozBar by clicking on the “Blue M Button”.

You can Turn ON and Turn OFF the MozBar using keyboard shortcuts.

  • Cmd + Option + Control + M shortcut for MAC.
  • Shift + Ctrl + Alt + M shortcut for WINDOWS.

Pricing: MozBar extension offers access to 3 reports/ day free. It also has premium plans which cost differently on the basis of levels. After creating the Moz Pro Account, you can access the paid plans. i.e.

  • Monthly

    • Standard costs $99 (New to SEO user)
    • Medium costs $149 (Ample limits with full access to keyword searches)
    • Large costs $249 (ideal plans for business and agencies)
    • Premium costs $599 (For large SEO-focused agencies and companies)
  • Yearly

    • Standard costs $950 ($79/month)
    • Medium costs $1428 ($119/month)
    • Large costs $2390 ($199/month)
    • Premium costs $5750 ($479/month)
  1. PrePostSEO:

PrepostSEO is the bucket of 95+ SEO tools that offers multiple functions to its users. DA checker is the one tool which will be discussed there.

Features: This bulk authority checker allows its user to check up to 500 URLs giving the detailed metrics of the website. Factors used by this tool to check the DA & PA is the age of the website, total backlinks, types of backlinks, quality of the content, speed of the website, design of the website, Moz trust, social signals, and quality images. At once, you can paste 25 URLs which will take no time to give you the results.

How to use: Copy the link from Address Bar and paste it in the PrepostSEO’s website Authority Checker input box. In the wake of paste the connection, click on the “Check Authority”.

Pricing: PrePostSEO offers free access to its goodies but it also has premium plans to access more good goodies, i.e.

  • Yearly

    • For the company – $350/year
    • For standard – $150/year
    • For basic – $50/year
  • Monthly

    • For Company – $45/month
    • For Standard – $20/month
    • For Basic – $10/month


SEO always plays a great role in ranking the website. Prioritizing the factors (Quality Content, backlinks, Page Loading Speed, and mobile-friendliness, etc.) which make the website get the more traffic and rank higher will make you run on the road with your competitors.

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