Mega Moolah – As profitable as Las Vegas slots

If you’re a slot machine lover, you’ve undoubtedly seen the Mega Moolah online slot before.

This game, produced by Microgaming, is typically the type of game featured in games catalogues on casino sites. The hype for the Mega Moolah game has become so huge that it’s often compared to the biggest jackpot slots in Las Vegas and Macau.

A game with a global presence

The Mega Moolah slot machine is present in hundreds of online casinos affiliated with the supplier Microgaming. The success of this game lies in the game provider complying with the game commissions of each country. On the other hand, that’s why the game isn’t accessible from certain countries like the USA, France, Italy, etc. The online gaming authorities in certain countries don’t always allow money game linked to chance with huge jackpots. Nonetheless, the Mega Moolah slot is available in over 150 countries, including the UK and Canada.

Minimum jackpot of 1 million guaranteed

The popularity of the Mega Moolah Online Slot lies in its progressive jackpot. This prize pool has a starting point of 1 million pounds. Obviously, for a European player, the prize pool will be displayed in euros, or in CAD if you’re playing from Canada. The slot, made on the principle of a progressive jackpot, shows an ever-increasing prize as each bet is made globally. And, when a lucky player hits the Mega Jackpot, the prize pool automatically reboots at one million again.

A game that’s proven it’s worth

This progressive slot machine is not the only one on the market; there are around 20 similar slot machines on the Internet. But, after comparing and consulting reviews from experts, the Mega Moolah slot remains by far the most popular progressive game. Since the slot’s launch in 2006, the game’s success has never stopped, and today, there’s a bet made every second. As a result, the slot machine’s super jackpot is always sky high. Each year, more than 20 lucky players become millionaires with this progressive slot.

A slot that never ceases to please

In line with the all-digital age, this casino game is gaining new followers every day. This continued success is due to the preferences of gamers who increasingly turn to the Internet for entertainment. As with many other web industries, casinos are taking advantage of the Internet. As a customer at a casino site, you can receive free bonuses, and it’s safe to say that free spins on the Mega Moolah are very popular with online casino fans.

If we had to project on the years to come, it’d be a safe bet that the Mega Moolah will only continue to gain more momentum.

Slot guides

What attracts gamblers the most to slots guides are their tips to play better. Guides like Mega Moolah One also list welcome offers for new members signing up to a casino site. These bonuses are a great way to test out the Mega Moolah slot. Overall, at least in the UK, slot guides are well run for unbiased advice. The flagship site Mega Moolah One of for the British is Villento Casino, who offers just as much choice as the larger casinos in London.


Even though games like the Mega Moolah attract gamers, you should be careful which location you choose to play them from. Not all casino sites respect Gambling laws. To ensure you’re not signing up to a questionable online casino, always check which country it’s registered. This information is always listed on the casino’s contact page. If in doubt, choose another identifiable online casino. It’s always smart to limit your casino budget to avoid ending up in any sticky situations. Playing on slot machines can lead to addiction and loss of money, so remember to set limits and look after your hard-earned cash.

The Mega Moolah jackpot game is all about chance, so don’t kid yourself into thinking that it’s easy to win the jackpot. In order to avoid disappointment, remember that only a small number of gamblers succeed in winning. You should never lead you to gamble beyond your financial means.

If you don’t feel comfortable trying your luck online, you’re better off heading to a land-based casino room to satisfy your cravings. Lastly, to avoid getting caught up in a slot gambling fever, it’s smart to set yourself a reasonable budget and not bet beyond your financial means.

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