A dance anthem for the locked down generation!

Music Not in Lockdown as Art Continues

Finding a way to navigate both the mental and physical difficulties associated with lockdown is an arduous task.

Australian band, Mass Experience, is on a crusade to tackle the former with creativity and the latter with dance, as their new single Coronavirus Crisis gets set for release.

The debut single ‘Coronavirus Crisis’ by Mass Experience is a thumping retro-electronica track reminiscent of early 90s rave, created for “the lockdown generation”.

The song, which is described as a track “reminiscent of early 90s rave” has been created for “the lockdown generation” according to the Sydney-based artists.

Mass Generation is made-up of comedian and writer Katie M Little and photographer Timothy Poulton. The pair, who are also in a relationship, believe that the lockdown has led to a level of creativity that was both inspired and necessary for these times.

They stated: “With careers and schooling grounded, (we) turned to music as an outlet to express the spectrum of emotions (our) family was experiencing due to lockdown and the anxiety provoked by navigating continually changing circumstances.”

The track comes from their upcoming album, ‘Sitting with Demons’, which was worked on with Chris Hamer-Smith from Forbes Street Studio. It is described as “old school breakbeat, indie-electronica and 60’s inspired psychedelia”.

They aren’t the only musical artists working hard during the lockdown period, with the likes of Lady Gaga, Billie Eilish, John Legend and some of the world’s biggest stars streaming a concert earlier in lockdown to celebrate the heroic efforts of frontline staff.

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