How to spy on someone’s text messages without their phone 2020

Many people search the internet for ways to keep an eye on their underlings. These can be worried about parents or strict employers or suspecting spouses.

They want to know of a way to read someone’s text messages without them knowing. This and many other similar functions can be performed using a phone tracker.

You can track someone and spy on their conversations with other people with spying apps such as Spyier. This top-of-the-line program has a diverse customer base comprising of more than a million customers. It has even been called one of the best software in the business by Forbes.

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Part 1: View Text Messages Online

Spyier provides a high-quality service to its customers, which can be found in over 190 countries throughout the world. These customers prefer Spyier over similar software due to a number of its unique design elements. Here, we will list some of these:

  • No Jailbreak or Root Access Required

Spyier works without asking for any roots access to the target device. Also, unlike most spying apps, it also does not limit its functionality to phones that are jailbroken. It ensures that using the app would not compromise the security of the phone, and no backdoors for hackers and viruses are created.

  • High Security

The app is designed by its programmers to work like any other high-quality app that can be bought on the Play Store. It does not have any hidden procedures; neither does it hide any malware under the guise of legitimate software. The service is perfectly legal, and all its working is transparent to the user.

  • Easy to Install and Frequent Updates

Other apps do exist on the market that also has some of the functionality that Spyier possesses; they are of far inferior quality. This app has been developed with the user in mind, so its installation process is extremely straightforward. This is backed up with frequent updates and world-class customer support so that you are never frustrated.

  • Lightweight and Effective

Another excellent quality of the app is its tiny size, which is barely noticeable. The app works in the background and records all the activity on the target phone. Even while it does all this work, the app runs astoundingly efficiently due to its unique architecture, built to maximize performance.

Part 2: How to Read Someone’s Text Messages without Their Phone

We have just gone through a host of features that come with Spyier. Now we will see how the software allows us to read someone’s text messages without installing software on their phone.

2.1 Reading Someone’s iPhone Messages Without the Phone

Spyier iOS solution is clean and remote. It does not even involve interacting with the target iPhone even once. All you need to do is provide the service with the iCloud ID and the relevant password. Immediately, the app would begin tracking and recording the messages of that iPhone for you.

2.2 Setting Up Spyier for iOS

Now that we have gone through a list of reasons that distinguish Spyier from its competition, we will outline the simple steps you need for installation. These instructions are for an iPhone. If the target phone runs Android OS, go to the next part.

Step 1: Create a Spyier account for free using your personal email ID. This will only take a moment and will enable the developers to communicate with you.

spyier sign up

Step 2: Choose the target platform like iOS. You will now need to enter the target device’s iCloud ID and its password. That is all that is needed since Spyier for iOS works without the need for an app to be installed on the target device. A few minutes will be required for the app to begin working.

iCloud id

Step 3: You can view all the data that the app gathers using its online dashboard. Any browser on any device can access this dashboard, and it presents the information in a digestible and easily navigable form.

Part 3: How to Read Someone’s Text Messages without Them Knowing

This great app not only works for iPhones and other devices running iOS but also works for Android devices. While the procedure is not quite the same and there is a small need for physical access, we will see how Spyier works to make sure it is undetectable on Android too.

3.1 How Spyier Allows You to Read Someone’s Messages Secretly

This spying app has a slightly different setup process for Android phones. It requires an actual app to be downloaded and installed on the target phone. But this app is very small in size and can be hidden once it has been installed on the target phone. This way, the target never knows you are reading their conversations.

3.2 Setting Up Spyier for Android

Step 1: Register a Spyier account in your name. This can be done freely through your regular email ID and is necessary so that further instructions can be relayed to you.

Step 2: Download and install the app through the Google Play Store on the target phone. The app is barely 2 MBs in size, so on any decent internet connection. It will be downloaded and installed in no time. Once this is done, choose the option to hide the app from the app drawer. Now the app is completely invisible and undetectable.

Step 3: All the information collected by the app is visible on a dashboard that is available online. The dashboard organizes the plethora of information the app gathers so you don’t waste time looking for anything.


Part 4: The Features That Make Spyier Truly Special

You now know how to get text messages without target phone on both iPhones and Android devices. We will now outline a bunch of Spyier’s additional features, apart from reading text messages. These features add quality and value to the service and provide an incentive for the customer to choose this app over all others.

  • WhatsApp Spy

Spyier allows you to read the online conversations that the target carries out through his phone. These conversations are recorded by the app regardless of the messaging platform they are carried upon. So, you can read the messages sent from and to the target phone using WhatsApp, Telegram, Slack, or any other service.

  • Keylogger

The app employs a state-of-the-art keylogger so that each stroke on the target phone is picked up by the program. It can then use it to recreate responses to messages, online searches, passwords, and much more.


  • Location Tracking

Apart from being an excellent phone tracker and message spy, Spyier is also a great location tracker. It uses the GPS of the target phone to maintain a record of the movements of the target phone. This allows it to display the live location of the phone to you in real-time.


  • Browser History

Another useful feature that is included in Spyier is its ability to keep a record of all the internet activity of the target phone. This includes the search history, download history, and downloaded media, passwords, and cookies. This provides a complete picture of the internet profile of the target to the user.


In this article, we have given the key features of Spyier, a high-end spying app that can be used to read messages secretly.  We have also outlined the simple steps needed to install this app on both iOS and Android devices. Any person looking to read someone’s messages covertly will benefit from reading the article before deciding on a specific app.

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