What is a neck lift?

Neck lift surgery has been growing in popularity across the UK for some time.

One of the most commonly performed female and male cosmetic surgery, the neck lift has the capacity to completely transform the smoothness, suppleness and even the shape of the neck and jawline.

Thinning and sagging of the skin along, loss of adequate tissue support and excessive collection of the fat under the chin are natural parts of the aging process, which often manifests as an aesthetically unpleasant neck with loss of jawline.

Various facial cosmetic surgery options are available to reduce or even eliminate these common signs of aging, which in all instances are tailored to individual requirements.

What Happens During Neck Lift Surgery?

The logistics of the procedure will be determined by the type of surgery being carried out and the requirements of the patient. Your surgeon will help you choose from the options available during your consultation, in accordance with your preferred outcome, your age, the severity of the issue being treated and so on.

Neck-lift surgery can be performed under general or local anaesthetic, with procedures lasting 1 to 3 hours.  During which, your surgeon will address issues with excess fat and tissues beneath the surface of the skin, surgically remove excess skin from the neck, tighten up the muscles and stitch the remaining skin back in place for a smoother and more even appearance.

An overnight stay at the clinic or hospital may be needed.

What Types of Neck Lift Treatment Options Are Available?

Every neck lift surgery is unique, tailored to meet the exact requirements of the patient in question. Some of the various different types of neck lift treatment options available include the following:

  • Liposuction : Performed to remove excess fat deposits under the surface of the skin.
  • Neck Lift : The ‘conventional’ neck lift procedure involves the removal of excess skin and tightening of the remaining skin for a smooth and even look.
  • Submentoplasty : Performed to enhance the angle between the chin and the neck for a more defined jawline, involving excess fat removal and anterior neck muscle modification.
  • Chin/Jaw Surgery: An adjunct in achieving optimal results in neck rejuvenation, which may incorporate bone restructuring, soft tissue adjustments and the use of implants.

Your surgeon will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each available option during your consultation, in order to help you make an informed decision.

What Can I Expect After a Neck Lift?

A certain amount of bruising, swelling and tenderness is inevitable in the days that follow a neck lift. Your surgeon will provide you with pain relief medication and any topicals or supplementary products you need to care for the area operated on.

Light activities can usually be resumed after a few days, though most surgeons recommend avoiding anything strenuous or intensive for at least three weeks. The full effect of a neck lift is usually visible within three months, though this varies in accordance with the nature and intensity of the procedure carried out.

Are There Any Risks Involved with Neck Lift Surgery?

Cosmetic surgery isn’t for everyone, and it’s the responsibility of every reputable surgeon to fully discuss risk and suitability with prospective patients. Your surgeon should make all potential risks and side effects clear at the earliest possible juncture, while under no circumstances pressuring you into making a decision.

Risk varies in accordance with the nature of the procedure being performed, along with the age, health and physiological characteristics of the patient undergoing the procedure.

Mr Mattine has designed a highly effective technique to specifically treat excess fat and skin in the neck, improve the jawline and create a more defined and youthful looking neck.

Craig Upton

Craig Upton

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