What is artificial intelligence?

John McCarthy was the first to describe artificial intelligence (AI) in 1955. He defined it as constructing machines that would resemble people in their actions.

How much has it developed during these decades? Where can we find it now?

What we mean by artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence in society and the media is gaining more and more attention. By most people it is understood as a field of computer science, where human thoughts and actions are studied, and the model of these behaviors is attempted to be transferred into computer programs. There are several interdisciplinary fields that are directly associated with AI.

The use of AI in enterprises increases productivity and efficiency. Wherever human resources used to be involved, now all processes and tasks are fully automated. Neurosys provides IT solutions focused on AI and ML in numerous industries, including transportation and research. At https://neurosys.com/ you can find case studies of individual projects, including a solution for Industry 4.0. It allows you to easily create augmented reality applications (AR) where no specialist knowledge is required.

The most popular one is machine learning, which many software houses use to build custom IT solutions for their customers. It involves learning different patterns and schemes by computer programs so that they can work independently without human interference. Thanks to machine learning programs are able to predict stock market movements or predict the weather more and more accurately. The more scenarios are provided to the computer, the more information it is able to extract from them. Deep learning, in turn, is the ML subfield, in which neural networks are created and thanks to them a program is able to build sets of features necessary to recognize a given object.

Artificial intelligence in business

We deal with artificial intelligence every day. It is used by Netflix, YouTube or Spotify, which, on the basis of the analysis of the materials we watch and listen to, are able to select the right content for us. The presence of voice assistants, such as Siri or Google Assistant, in smartphones is also due to AI development. The more data the programs collect, the more human their responses become and the interaction becomes more natural. The same is true for autonomous cars, which are able to drive without human intervention. Unmanned vehicles equipped with artificial intelligence perfectly plan the optimal route, recognize obstacles in the form of lights, road signs or barriers, brake when a pedestrian or cyclist is detected and are able to make their own decisions in a dynamically changing environment.

Based on research conducted by Harvard Business Review, artificial intelligence is most often used in enterprises to detect and prevent intrusion, solve technical problems and reduce production management work.

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