AutoSock Provides Alternative to Metal Snow Chains

With Brexit, Covid-19 and travel restrictions, this winter is sure to be a challenging one for Europeans.
However, there is a solution on the horizon to one problem that has persisted for many years; how to drive in inclement icy and snowy weather.

Of course, the answer to this question up to this point has been ‘use metal snow chains’, but not everyone is a fan of this traditional solution. Hence why many are welcoming the new regulations around AutoSock, which is a textile alternative to the metal snow chain.
AutoSock is mounted like a “sock” over the tires of vehicles and provides significantly increased traction on snowy and icy roads. It is believed that the AutoSock will have regulatory approval as a metal snow chain alternative from December 1st this year, thanks to it meeting or exceeding set requirements for grip, safety and quality.
Odd Christian Krohn, who is CEO of Autosock Operations, discussed the standards they have had to meet, stating: “”We are very pleased to be able to offer AutoSock as an alternative to snow chains in all EU countries. We have worked for 10 years towards this goal and have worked with CEN to define the minimum requirements and standards.”
The new requirements put in place for EU countries state that textile, rubber and metal chains will be certified against the same requirements and must meet the same minimum standards.

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