Why are blue light glasses so popular & how does it help?

In this article, we’ll uncover the impact of blue light rays on our eyes and health that led to enormous demand in blue light glasses.

Known by various names like PC lens, gaming glasses, computer lenses or blue-blocking lens, are mostly blue light glasses essential in blocking blue light rays from computers and other digital screens.

After customer awareness for eye protection against their screen, the blue lens category is estimated to be worth US$44 billion and expected to increase at a CAGR of 2.6% in the next few years. 

What led to this global phenomenon of vast blue light glasses demand?

A concerning amount of eye problems spotted by various tech users led to the enabling blue light technology in glasses. Scientifically termed as computer vision syndrome (CVS) is characterised as a range of eye and visual-discomfort symptoms have been on the rise for over 20 years. Terms like visual fatigue and digital eye strain are another variation of eye problems linked with the use of digital devices. By witnessing the massive growth in the use of digital devices and technology in recent years, millions of people, both old and young ones are at risk of digital eye strain. Though the symptoms are often short-lives, the condition leads to the chances of severe eye disease and frequent discomfort among people who use computers. 

Not just eye problems, there are also some health impacts like inadequate sleeping habits, obesity, and lack of productivity from continuous screen use. 

Rise of digital devices usage

Looking at all age groups of developed countries, the use of digital devices has increased significantly over the years. With the latest invention of Netflix, online gaming, live shows, Instagram live & Tik Tok, using these platforms regularly is now a usual part of our lives. According to the multinational European study, about 69% of children are computer users while 54% are regularly invested in online activities. 

An average adult in the UK spends 6 hours 45 minutes per day using digital media while two-third of adults from 30-49 spends more than 5 to more hours. In the older age groups, the use of digital devices has also grown rapidly and has increased from 52% to 77.5% in the last 75 years of study in those aged between 65 – 74 years.

Only about 37% of adults aged over 60 years and more spend more than 4 to 5 hours per day on digital devices, and mostly prefer to browse using laptops or desktops. While the younger generation is obsessed with smartphone use for social media and other parts of their life activities. Multitasking is also very common among young adults where about 87% of individuals from 20-19 use more than two digital devices simultaneously in their lives. 

Signs and symptoms of Screen overuse

There’s been a rise of 10 to more digital eye problems such as eye strain, blurry vision, burning sensation, dry-eyes, headache, neck and shoulder pain and many others. The culprit for such signs and symptoms from the screen is blue light. These rays are emitted from every digital screen, although the light emitted from LED and sun appears white, all of these are blue light rays.

There’s an abundance of ill-effects on our eyes from an internal and external aspect such as irritated/burning eyes, headache, tired eyes, dry eyes, eye strain, sensitivity to bright lights and eye discomfort. Blue light rays also cease the release of the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin which makes you alert, awake and active even at midnight.

It has also been proved that exposure to these rays also raises the concern of retinal damage and a potential increase in the risk of age-related macular degeneration. 

How do Blue light glasses help?

Blue light coating over any of prescription or non-prescription glasses has recently received scientific attention due to its disbandment of blue light rays. Compared to standard glasses coating, blue light is much more advanced and beneficial for everyday use.

Any standard lens generally offers protection against UV rays but now with a blue light coating, you can also outrightly reduce or eliminate blue light transmission into your eyes. 

Blue light coated over reading glasses online or other prescription lenses offers substantial benefit for your eyes. Starting with getting rid of common digital eye strain problems and also adhering retinal protection. Now, with the blue light glasses in action, there’s zero chance of blue light penetration into your eyes.

These glasses are also claimed with significant improvement in sleep quality following the use of digital devices at night. Your eyes experience less eye fatigue and CVS symptoms from intensive computer use start to fade away. 

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