A touch of luxury

BULGARI gives us a touch of luxury in these difficult times with the release of its Fall-Winter accessories collection last week.

The line pushes forward old favorites such as the Serpenti (“snakes” in Italian) motif, familiar to the brand since the 1940s. The brand was founded in the 1880s in Rome, and achieved worldwide fame in the 60s through relationships with celebrities such as Elizabeth Taylor, known for her fabulous jewelry collection, a large part of it from Bulgari.

For starters, the updated Serpenti Forever bag features a more compact shape in vibrant colors and iridescent materials. With new additional pockets and a longer bag strap, it becomes a wearable accessory for someone more modern. With a snakehead stud closure in black and white agate enamel against precious leathers, the variations of the Serpenti Forever bag are crafted to present a dazzling combination of luxury and versatility. The chain itself has motifs reminiscent of scales, making the bag feel as if it wraps itself around you.

The collection was unveiled via a styling afternoon last week with stylist Pam Quinones. The celebrity stylist talked to guests while wearing a diamond-encrusted Serpenti necklace, appearing as a snake devouring itself. Snakes in the Medieval and Victorian period were used to celebrate the meaning of eternity and rebirth, due to the symbolism of a snake eating itself as a circle, as well as its constant moulting. The necklace also comes in several serpentine variations, such as a simple snake head studded with precious stones. Another variation presents a snake coiled into a ball, or else just capturing the pattern on snakeskin.

Other lines include the Fiorever (taking its name from the italian word for “flowers,” “fiore“), showing sweet little four-leaf shapes also encrusted in precious stones. The Divas’ Dream line, meanwhile, expresses itself as tassels and swags, according to a release, showing Rome’s history through the Baths of Caracalla.

As for the timepieces, the snakes come out again with the Serpenti Seduttori, a celebrity favorite for its illusion of wrapping up against the wearer’s wrist. The illusion is completed by the watch’s face, shaped like a snake’s head. On the other hand, the Divas’ Dream timepieces feature the fan-shaped motif, a curved design celebrating every woman’s enduring elegance and sensuality, and the BVLGARI BVLGARI Lady designs showcase the timelessness of the Maison’s double logo. The same line is present for the jewels, coming out as stackable pieces. Finally, the Lvcea creations combine modern architecture with radiant femininity in unmistakably Bvlgari designs.

Men can play around too: the brand also has the BVLGARI BVLGARI timepiece in a more masculine iteration, and then an octagonal design in titanium and stainless steel finishes, called the Octo Finissimo.

Another updated line is the B.zero1, which was meant to show an interpretation of the Colosseum. According to a release, the line was “made for the unapologetic woman who loves to express herself.” It shows itself with a studded core against sparkling diamonds.

For her part, Ms. Quinones likes the B.zero1 ring, receiving a vintage version herself. “When I was young, my mom had this B.zero1 ring and I always had my eye on that ring from her personal collection. So I was really honored and happy when she gave it to me.

“The great thing about jewelry is that it can be with you forever and it can be passed on — the same way my mom did that for me,” she said.

Bvlgari shops are located at The Shoppes, Solaire Resort, and Casino. — Joseph L. Garcia

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