Swedish retaliation against Victor X continues with aggressive action

Swedish authorities stepped up their harassment against the whistleblower according to Victor X.

Victor reports that last week the Swedish Economic Crime Police entered the bookkeeping firm employed by Victor’s companies to seize company records for the last decade.

The bookkeeping firm’s documents over the previous three years had already been taken and inspected, Victor said. “This only proves how corrupt Swedish Authorities are today, and it’s disgusting how desperate they are,” Victor said.

Whistleblowers come forward because they feel a sense of obligation to right a wrong. Those who do are often subject to far greater scrutiny. According to a $4.2 billion lawsuit Victor filed in New York, Swedish government authorities – accused of participating in a $150 billion money-laundering scheme – have harassed Victor and his companies almost immediately after he reported financial malfeasance by Swedish financial firms and government regulatory agencies.

According to Victor, the Swedish Crime Police Director-General is Monica Rodrigo, a close friend of Katrin Westling Palm, the Director-General for the Swedish Tax Agency. Westling Palm and the tax agency is among those named in the RICO lawsuit filed in late 2019. Additionally, Westling Palm and Rodrigo work together as board members of the Swedish Pension Agency. Victor said that Westling Palm is notorious for sending the Swedish Economic Crime Police to target her enemies. The Swedish government did not respond to a request for comment.

The government’s actions are what Victor sees as retribution for speaking out against one of the largest alleged money laundering schemes in international history. Lawrence Schoenbach, the famed New York attorney and one of Victor’s lawyers for the lawsuit, responded to the Swedish government’s actions. “When truth speaks to power, the powerful react, as here, like a wounded animal,” he said.

If Schoenbach is correct, Victor X could expect further harassment by what he says is a government eager to make his case go away. “The U.S. complaint struck a raw nerve with the Swedish defendants. Their reaction to it – by investigating that which has already been investigated – is simply the bully continuing to try to intimidate Victor Carlstrom. It won’t work.”

Emine Lundkvist, a noted Swedish tax lawyer who represents Victor said, “In 30 years as a tax lawyer, I have never seen the Swedish Economic Crime police target an individual after that individual had already been investigated by the Swedish Tax Agency and the Bankruptcy Auditor and where no wrongdoing or impropriety was found. I am seriously concerned about the conduct of the Swedish Economic Crime police.”

“I feel sad to see how extremely corrupt Sweden has become today. Unfortunately, my lovely children pay the highest price again for this extreme pressure against them from Swedish authorities. My children lost their home, their friends, school, their father, and everything else important in life,” said Victor X.

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