Is Genshin Impact free to play on all platforms?

Genshin Impact, developed by miHoYo Limited, is an Adventure, Gacha, and Role-playing video game available to play on Mobile Devices, such as Android and iOS.

It takes you to a beautiful world of Teyvat, offering you a massive environment teeming with life, following with elemental energy. The storyline focuses on two characters, you and your sibling; you recently reached the said world from another part. Upon arriving, both characters get separated by an unknown power and cast you into a deep slumber. After a few moments, you find yourself in a new world you have never seen upon awakening.

Third-person Exploration

The game features a third-person navigation system, enabling you to explore the beautiful land from a third-person viewpoint while controlling your avatar. Your ultimate goal is to find answers from Seven different Powers of each element responsible for sending you into a totally new world.

Play with Friends in Genshin Impact using Multiplayer

By default, the multiplayer mode is locked and requires the Adventure Rank 16 to be unlocked. Once you reached to Adventure Rank 16, you must start completing some introductory quests. Up to four players can join the game on the same screen, from which one player would act as a host. Keep in mind that Genshin Impact isn’t an MMO game; therefore, you can’t see dozens of players running around you. That said, you cannot navigate the world and dungeons of the game in co-operative mode. This makes the battle encounter more manageable and quite impressive.

Does Genshin Impact support Crossplay?

As you know, the Genshin Impact is available on Cross-platform, including Android, PlayStation, PC, and Nintendo. You would be happy to know that the game supports a crossplay feature, and it lets you play together with buddies and other players of different platforms. As said above, you have to be on Adventure Rank 16 to unlock the Multiplayer game component.

Re-roll Guide

It would be good to know that no Gacha game without a re-roll guide is considered as completed. It highlights a massive range of units that can be achieved through spending in-game currency, with premium units appearing at a low price.

Leveling Guide

Similar to other MMORPGs, leveling up is gorgeous and provides you with rewards in the form of adventurer, artifact, statue, weapon, and character levels. The default protagonist is Noella, considering the best unit for starters to kick off their adventure with the essentials. Therefore, the Adventurer Level reacts to your account, revealing the content you can access as the game divides the massive areas into several level zones. Your Adventure level increases as you start completing quests and dungeons; however, opening chests and other valuable things could give it a push.

Genshin Impact – Gameplay

Whether you have your ideal units or given up on re-rolling, you should learn how the game’s basic mechanics will reveal how it works. Somehow, it offers similar gameplay to Breath of the Wild, but along with distinctive features, and is more closed to traditional RPG features that are not available in Zelda titles. It would help if you kept in mind that there are four characters that you can switch with each other anytime for combo plays. Combat is a vital part of the game, and every player must learn about the basics to take on enemies timely. All components can make a massive impact in the game, with interactions making or breaking the team composition.

It provides you a perfect blend of Hack-and-Slash, Action, and RPG gameplay elements, along with a twist of the Gacha genre. After selecting your character, embark on a journey from a third-person viewpoint, hack-and-slash enemies to earn in-game points, and unlock additional content to become the master.

Is Genshin Impact free to play on All Platforms?

Yes, the game is available free-to-play on all platforms. Unfortunately, Genshin Impact isn’t released on the Nintendo Switch yet, but the great news is that its beta version will be released soon.

Play Genshin Impact on PC with LDPlayer for Free

Although the game hasn’t been released yet for PC, you can enjoy it over there for PC with no charges thanks to LDPlayer. It is an Android Gaming Emulator that allows you to play any of your favorite Android games on PC by merely installing a tool, known as LDPlayer. It is fully featured with prominent components required to grant someone the smoothest gaming experience at High FPS.

Easy Game Controls

You can play mobile games on a PC using a gamepad, keyboard, and mouse without any hustle. Not only that, you can modify the controls your way to make your grip stronger over your enemies. It doesn’t matter whether you are using AMD or Intel-powered PC, the company (Xuanzhi International Co., Limited) has developed the tool by keeping the compatibility and optimization components in mind. Therefore, upon using your realize how smoothest gaming experience at High FPS LDPlayeroffers without any lagging. It is fully loaded with gamer-oriented features, such as:

  • Custom Control
  • Multi-instance
  • Multi-Instance Sync
  • Macros/Script
  • High FPS/Graphics

There are three built-in stores available to download any games and applications of your choice, such as the LDPlayer Store, Uptodown, and Google Play Store. There’s no hustle when you are downloading the tool as most of the work will be done by the software itself, and the rest of the job requires a few clicks to be done the installation.


Genshin Impact brings a brand-new type of gameplay, pitting you against vicious monsters and their bosses to take on. The game features a well-written storyline covering two siblings and their epic journey to a breathtaking environment that has been hidden from the human eyes. Dangers are lurking at every corner of the street; your hack-and-slash skills will help you a lot in overcoming all sudden problems. The game sets a limit for unlocking the Multiplayer component and requires to achieve Adventure Rank 16 and the completion side-quests to get access. Although the game isn’t on Pc yet, you can play after installing LDPlayer on your PC. Click here to download Genshin Impact on pc now.

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