How to achieve safer parking? We’ll tell you

The constant movement of vehicles within parking lots increases the possibility of a robbery. Therefore, the safety of customers and employees becomes paramount for any business.

In UK alone, there are thousands stolen cars per year and almost 80% of the reported vehicles have been stolen from public parking lots while their owners were carrying out a procedure.

One of the great drawbacks that business parking lots present is that the vast majority of them have access to all public. In addition, another of the relevant elements to control the security of the parking lot is its size. A large parking lot makes it difficult to see the entire area it comprises. The bigger the parking area, the more challenges to be faced.

These factors require that business owners look for mechanisms to guarantee customer safety, and that insecurity does not become an aspect that affects the reputation of the company, as well as its commercial results.

How to achieve safer parking?

A primary step in making a parking lot safe is to understand and identify the most susceptible areas, so that the most appropriate solutions can be implemented to prevent any attempted theft.

Improving the security of a parking lot can be a great challenge, however, with the appropriate advice, the help of new security technologies and integrating systems that adapt to your needs, you will be able to guarantee the safety of your clients and also that of your employees. Safety is everything for you and your clients.

The best methods to offer security in a parking lot are:

Access control

If we have a large parking lot, one of the possible solutions is to implement an access control system, in this way the entry of each of your clients will be registered. For that you need a good car park management system.

Intercom systems

Installing intercom telephony will allow your clients to communicate more easily, in case they require any type of assistance or that for any reason they have been stranded. The easier it is for them to access assistance, the safer your parking lot will be. Effective communication can give clients more sense of security. And this is a clear distinction between professionally managed parking lots and amateur managed ones.


Lighting is essential to improve the security of a parking lot. You must have excellent lighting that includes all areas of the parking lot.

Alarm system

It is important to install an alarm system with immediate response from the police or security guards, who will approach the place where they are required to provide assistance.

Video surveillance cameras

The installation of surveillance cameras with a closed circuit will allow you to have a regular monitoring of the parking area. With regular monitoring, you can anticipate if there are any suspicious movements from a person or group of people. Thus you can reduce the risk of theft significantly.


The parking area must be well signposted with the required signs and signals.

In the case of placing surveillance cameras, you can add posters that let the visitor know that they are being filmed. Providing warnings is often effective in preventing a person from carrying out his crime. In many cases, the feeling of being watched can minimize the risk of being stolen.

Additionally, you can count on state-of-the-art security systems such as: automatic license plate recognition systems, a CCTV system, image analysis software, etc.

These state-of-the-art mechanisms are highly efficient, however, for a lower cost you can implement simpler security measures that guarantee the same protection to your parking lot.

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