Ambulance Service Calls for Belgium Lockdown

A strict lockdown in Brussels and Wallonia is necessary as soon as possible

A lockdown is needed to control cases of Covid-19 in Belgium, according to a private ambulance service operating within the country.
Arnaud Franchini, who is CEO of NAAB Ambulance Service LLC, has told reporters that he believes the current situation can only be controlled by a lockdown in Brussels.
NAAB Ambulance Service

NAAB Ambulance Service

He has called for non-essential medical appointments to be cancelled and for locals to limit their interactions with others and reduce their travel.
There have been several messages of caution from authorities, but these have fallen short of what the NAAB believes is necessary. A recent statement discussed the key indicators of the virus, stating that it will get worse before it gets better.
It concluded: “The relatively low number of hospitalizations and deaths has been used to temper the increase in cases. Unfortunately, these numbers will continue to increase in the coming days. An acceleration that will be due to the increase in Covid-19 cases, but above all to the larger scale of infected vulnerable people.”
These latest calls come after the NAAB asked for private health carriers not to be forgotten when it comes to personal protective equipment (PPE). According to a statement from them, “masks and gloves (were) indeed provided in the Walloon region by Aviq, (but) this was not the case in the Brussels region.”

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