Adulting lessons for millennials and Gen Z

The current pandemic, with its widespread disruption of the normal run of life, must have made us reflect on many things. Likewise, Cocolife ambassador athlete Kiefer Ravena realized a lot of things in the past few months. A realization that appealed to him the most is appreciating life’s simple and small things.

“I learned to appreciate even the smallest things in life because you’ll never know when they’ll be gone and until when you’ll have them. For me, my eyes were opened more on that kind of mindset of appreciating what you have, whether big or small. With everything that happened and with many losing a lot, we should be thankful because we still have resources,” Mr. Ravena said in mixed English and Filipino.

He also shared that he learned to value God, family, and time more and more because of the pandemic. “Whatever happens, we should always have faith in him, and believe that everything has a reason. We cannot afford to lose hope,” he said, adding that the lockdown has been teaching his family to spend more time together.

“Every moment really counts, whether you’re conversing with your friends or eating together with your family on the dinner table, and even helping frontliners. Now, I really appreciate the time I have here on earth,” he continued.

In spite of the tough circumstances Filipinos are facing at present, this Cocolife ambassador reminds young people to slow down and take their time. “This is a perfect time to reflect and think what you really want in life,” he said.

Becoming financially stable

Now is also a good time to learn more about handling their finances by themselves and from other people, Mr. Ravena added. “Many small local businesses have been built. We can learn from them. [Also begin learning] different types of ventures, whether stocks, food business, or retail.”

Sharing his personal experience, Mr. Ravena finds it very valuable to expand his investment horizons. “Before, I stick to my existing investment. I was not expanding it yet. But now, I want to try many ventures, because we don’t have to be stagnant. I have to evolve and do different things; not just playing basketball,” he said.

He advises millennials and Generation Z to make small and smart investments and added that they should consult their parents, friends, and professionals before venturing into an investment.

“Some investments might be enticing at the start; but in the end, you might lose a lot,” he continued. “Actually, there’s no problem in investing your money, yet you have to be sure that something returns to you.”

Mr. Ravena binds smart investing with setting priorities. “I bought land in our village for my future house. I’m paying it for a year, so I have to plan out my expenses since I’m paying a huge amount every month. Which means other expenses get cut off and I shouldn’t splurge my money. I have to make some sacrifices,” he shared.

Maintaining all-around health

Aside from handling his finances well, the basketball player also emphasized the importance of maintaining one’s well-being. “We really have to take care of ourselves lest we might take things for granted,” he shared. “We might be confined to our homes, but our habits still matter– whether we’re eating healthy or staying up too late or drinking too much. We tend to overlook our lifestyles since we have a lot of time, especially during quarantine. We might neglect our health when we lack some regular routine.”

As the athlete shared, Mr. Ravena conditions himself regularly, from doing core and whole-body workouts and riding on a stationary bike. He also maintains a healthy diet, with a bowl of yogurt mixed with fruits and chia seeds as his current favorite snack. As much as these healthy practices keep him in shape physically, he finds them very helpful for his mental health as well.

“Every time you workout and stay healthy, your mental health comes with it. Our mind gets exercised as well. We become mentally sharp, and we stay mentally ready and present. It’s a chain reaction. That’s why we say a healthy lifestyle is necessary not just for physical health; it also helps our mental health,” he said.

The pandemic might have altered our routines and stopped some of our plans. Mr. Ravena believes, however, that this should not stop anyone from realizing their goals. “Goals without action are unfulfilling. So, when you’re allowed to act on your goals, make them happen. They shouldn’t be goals forever. We don’t want them to just stay as goals and not reach them,” he said.

Atty. Jose Martin A. Loon, president and chief executive officer of Cocolife, is proud of Mr. Ravena’s goal-oriented attitude.

“Our brand ambassador, basketball pro Kiefer Ravena, has always been focused on his goals — on the court and as a young man. He tells us that he earnestly believes in the importance of investing in one’s health, education, savings, and retirement. As successful as he is now, Kiefer’s dreams are the same as yours and ours.”

Cocolife helps millennials and Gen Zs achieve their life goals through its wide range of investment, and lifeand health insurance offerings. To know more about these, visit their website,

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