Mariwasa releases new tile adhesive heavy duty

Mariwasa Siam Ceramics, Inc., the leading tile manufacturing company in the Philippines, recently released its new Mariwasa Tile Adhesive Heavy Duty, formulated for big-sized, non-absorptive, and wall tile applications.

“The onset of the new decade marks the testament of Mariwasa’s commitment to be a complete home building solutions provider. Early this year, to complete our tiling solutions, we launched the new Mariwasa Tile Adhesive Regular, and we deemed it necessary to release another variant, this time catering to bigger tiles, which post common problems caused by wrong adhesive use and way of installation,” said Mariwasa President and SCG Country Director, Mr. Jakkrit Suwansilp.

In the Philippines, many residential owners and contractors choose to use sand-cement mortar to bond tiles during tile applications. This traditional practice has led to several setbacks that make it questionable in terms of cost-worthiness. Due to this, many professional tile setters now prefer and recommend the use of tile adhesive instead.

Choosing the right tile adhesive to avoid tile installation problems is the first step

Tyler, the tile expert, recommends the following checklist to consider in choosing the right tile adhesive for your tile installation needs — fast and easy application; thick consistency; wall application; slip resistance; high adhesive strength; high tensile strength; prevents tile cracks and breakage; fits interior and exterior usage; and cost-saving.

Making sure that its products adhere to the International Organization of Standardization and the Philippine National Standard, Mariwasa’s new Tile Adhesive is composed of bonding material, filler aggregate, and polymer additive.

With the new Mariwasa Tile Adhesive Regular and Heavy Duty, you can be assured that it is fast and easy to apply, thereby saving precious time that a worker can use for other construction work. The adhesive’s thick consistency, which is indicative of its bonding strength, is suitable for wall application with its slip-resistant property, assuring that the tiles stay glued to their base for decades. Also, the new Mariwasa Tile Adhesive Regular and Heavy Duty’s high adhesion strength prevents debonded tiles and high tensile strength can resist a lot of tension and allow the tile application to last long. This prevents tile cracks and breakage and saving money and effort for repairs in the future.

Available in select home depots, tile stores, and hardware nationwide.

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