10 tips to increase your delivery sales

During the crisis, sales have been constantly fluctuating in the catering industry. Restaurants are looking for alternative ways to remain in business, and delivery has saved them, becoming their most important source of income.

Businesses that have been better able to adapt to the current customer’s lifestyle are the ones winning today. Therefore, optimizing delivery services and increasing its sales has become the main goal.

How to increase delivery sales

Many entrepreneurs are changing the internal planning of their companies in order to implement a delivery system that will allow them to increase their income and compensate for the drop in sales.

First, it is necessary to schedule employee’s work days and coordinate their activities to prioritize delivery orders.

In this case, one of the best resources is the workforce management software offered by Orquest that allows businesses to do precise shift and task planning.

Adapt the facilities and staff needs

The entire company should be organized in terms of a fast and efficient customer service channel, scheduling the tasks of each employee and the facilities available to handle online orders.

Some companies, such as restaurants, must adjust their kitchen operations to deal with meal delivery orders, since it is not the same to serve the table as to prepare the food to be moved for several kilometers until it is delivered.

Maintain a good image

An attractive online image is crucial for online users to decide whether to order your products and services.

Restaurants, for example, can display their menu specifying all the ingredients contained in each dish and many other details that will whet the appetite of their future guests.

Have a specific menu for delivery

Have a special menu with the right selection of foods for delivery, so that they can be dispatched in perfect conditions, and on time.

Working hours

Customers must be aware of the working hours in a business, as well as the days where delivery is done.

Sales campaigns

Offering discounts and promotions occasionally is an effective way to attract customers.

Local coverage

When clients hire a service, they need to know if their requirements will be met. Companies should indicate precisely to which geographical regions their delivery services are offered.

Online updates

All information must be updated frequently, for example, regarding food availability, delivery times, working schedule or prices changes.

Communicate your sanitary practices

In times of a pandemic, hygiene is one of the most important elements. Sales by delivery can be increased when users are assured that their meals are transported according to strict sanitary standards.

Provide personalized attention

Communicating in a personal way with clients will help them trust a business. Doubts related to payments and other aspects that are part of delivery will no longer be retracting factors when it comes to ordering your products.

Businesses that prevail are the ones able to adapt to current lifestyle changes. Delivery is therefore a fundamental factor for the survival of restaurants today.

Learning to optimize delivery services to the maximum has become one of the main objectives of the catering industry.

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