Tips on how to use SoundCloud to build a business on the platform or promote an existing one

These days it seems like a new music streaming service is popping up every other day. You have a lot of options on where to share your tracks.

However, it’s getting harder to choose the best platform for building and promoting your brand. Contrary to what most people think, they aren’t all the same. Each network offers different services depending on what your needs are.

If a platform that allows you to:

  • share your content with a broad audience,
  • collaborate with fellow creators,
  • interact with your fans,
  • promote events and make money while doing is your perfect type, then SoundCloud is where you need to be right now.

Being aware of which way to move, it’s time to find a well-working marketing tool. Everything depends on which way you wish to go – slow organic, or fast, using professional services. If you choose the second one, keep in mind the thought about the strategy of paid followers.

SoundCloud is an O.G in the music industry. With close to 175 million active users, it has secured the place at the top of the leader board for music streaming. It has helped launch artists such as Chance the Rapper, Kehlani, Post Malone, Kygo, and many others. It’s famous for versatility because it’s home to unique up and coming artists and producers, label representatives, venue owners, music managers, and radio/podcast hosts. There is room for everyone on this platform.

Ways to Build Your Brand on SoundCloud

Like any other social media platform, if you want to get noticed, you need to have a strong following, ensuring your content reaches more people. Building a large fan base is hard to do, especially if you start and have a limited budget. Usually, it takes years to reach some positive results and go viral. Many people don’t have that kind of time on their hands. That is why using special services to boost your following at the very beginning may hold the key to your success. Many great artists remain unknown. After all, they couldn’t get their music out in front of the right audience because they had fewer fans.

  • Boosting your follower numbers gives you a head start in the race to success.
  • Producing great content helps you keep up the pace, but if you want to win the race, you should consider taking these three simple steps to build your brand on SoundCloud and start making money.

1. Set Up a Winning Profile

First impressions are essential, so if you want to make a good one, be sure your profile is set up correctly. This is extremely important because it’s the first thing a potential follower is going to see. Whether you are a musician or promoter, a potential client or partner is likely to make a split decision whether to contact you based on your profile. That is why your profile must have these three elements for it to represent your brand correctly:

  1. A relevant and memorable name – If you are an artist, use your stage name, but if you are more in the management space, it’s advisable to use your official name.
  2. Links to your other social media pages – SoundCloud is excellent because it’s built to integrate your other social media pages into your profile.
  3. A well-written bio with relevant contact information – This makes it easier for people to trust you and your brand.

Remember to share any events and labels that you have been associated with. This will help boost your credibility.

2. Consistently Create Content that People Enjoy

This is especially important if you are starting on the platform. Regularly monitor how people interact with the content you produce, map out what does well, and keep doing it. It’s always good to experiment and change up your style as you continue to grow your brand, but maintaining a consistent online persona makes you easily recognizable and makes it easier for you to reach your content’s perfect audience. This caused Bryson Tiller to improve his popularity after the access of TRAPSOUL – he removed his older tracks that didn’t match his new music style and crafted a consistent music style that made him easily recognizable.

3. Gate Your Content

This is a simple technique that many people don’t usually use. Gating involves limiting the availability of your content to those who complete specific tasks. The task could be as simple as following you on SoundCloud or sharing your link on their social media pages. You can get creative with the tasks you give your followers. Just be careful not to overuse this technique.

Gating your content helps build your brand on SoundCloud and other platforms, reaching a wider audience. However, this tactic only works if you have established a larger following. The more people participate in it, the more likely you are to gain new fans.

Summing up

SoundCloud, just like every other social media platform, is primarily based on numbers. The more people follow and interact with your content, the more likely the algorithm will pick up your content and market it to a broader audience. Break into the music industry, the traditional way is pretty hard, but SoundCloud makes it easier for practically anyone with talent and drives to make it.

However, on a platform with over 10 million artists, it’s no longer enough to make good quality content. As we have mentioned before, building a strong following on such a large platform can take years. Stop waiting for your lucky break and start creating your success. Your music deserves to be heard; your content deserves to be seen, so use the right tool to make your dreams come true.

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