6 Interesting facts you need to know before using memes for social media marketing

Has this ever happened to you? You come across a post on social media and laugh out loud and want to share it with your friends?

You are looking at a meme. We often use social media because of Memes. They are a fun way to keep people engaged on social media. Memes are becoming a trend. Our social media feed is filled with memes. While you are reading this, more and more people post memes on top social media platforms.

Memes make us laugh all the time. It is funny if you understand it on the first try; it is just another normal picture with something scribbled. There are many things you need to keep in mind while creating a meme for your brand. But what is a meme? Memes are humorous and informative pictures posted on social media. They are mainly created to convey a message. And we all know for a fact how engaging photos are.

Why use memes for branding?

  1. Visual content has 40% more chances of being shared on social media platforms than text.
  2. Pictures and visual content are becoming very popular these days. Hence, it is really important to use memes’ power to get higher engagement on social media platforms.
  3. Memes are the easiest way to share knowledge in the best possible way. Good news! It is said that 74% of people are using visual content to promote their brand because it helps increase sales.

This blog post will provide you with things you need to know before using social media memes for marketing.

Things you need to know about memes on social media

Before making memes you need to know a few tricks to top. There are six excellent facts to know before making a meme for your brand-

  1. Know your Target Market

Before starting up, you need to make sure you know your target audience well. If you are new to the market, you can start using memes as a social media marketing tool. Youngsters mainly share memes. To understand the meme post, the viewer needs to be aware of the online discussion on the topic. If your marketing campaign is aimed at an older audience, it is recommended that you do not use meme marketing.

You also need to take into account your brand voice. If your brand is more serious, using memes will not be effective. Research your target audience and strategize your meme marketing campaigns based on your brand guidelines.

  1. Do not overdo meme marketing

Memes are fun and entertaining. They are like a funny twist in a silent black and white movie. Memes can be useful when you use them rarely and in equal time intervals. Using them every day will reduce the impact and, at the same time, bore your audience. You can even start losing followers if you overdo meme marketing.

  1. Original Content will is the king

Memes are a great addition to your marketing campaign, but you cannot rely on them all the time. Memes are used to deliver the message to a broader audience, but they can’t replace the original content. Posting memes all day is like eating dessert. In the end, you need some good food to fill your tummy.

  1. Memes can sometimes backfire

People react to memes faster. It is difficult for most people to understand sarcasm and irony, causing confusion and offending the viewers. Memes become easily controversial because they have a satiric element. Misusing memes and creating controversial memes can damage your brand. If you feel the post you have made can be controversial, do not share it.

  1. Describe your brand in a meme

Undoubtedly, there are many brands using memes for their brand to expand its target market. And it works! You can also start using it for your brand. You can add your brand name to the meme when you want people to know you. It will help them relate to the meme better. People will look up funny and informative content and will always remember your brand. Good idea, isn’t it? This is why you need to start meme marketing for your brand right away.

  1. Use a creative meme template

Apart from being funny, it is also important to be creative. Having a unique and creative meme template helps engage more audience and makes your feed look more creative and engaging. Many meme template creation tools are available online, which allows the creation of unique and hilarious memes.

One of the new and exciting tools available online is Video creek. It is easy to use a meme creation platform which provides you with many editable meme templates. You can quickly transform your ideas, jokes, and puns into memes in just a few clicks.

Bonus: Do’s and Don’ts

Memes make sense when used strategically. Here are some do’s and don’ts to create your meme marketing strategies successfully.


  • You need to be funny and make sure the audience can relate to the memes.
  • Stay updated with the internet culture to create relevant memes.
  • Include hashtags when posting on platforms like Instagram and Twitter.


  • Do not post outdated memes. Memes that are not relevant to the recent trend will not keep the audience engaged.
  • Do not overuse a single type of meme. Your audiences will be tired of the same.
  • It is important to make sure your meme does not have offensive and double meanings behind your meme.

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