Best Instagram Bots — and Top Alternatives

It’s almost time to say goodbye to 2020, and what a year it’s been! With so many roller coaster moments, there’s still one thing that’s certain— Instagram is here to stay, and it’s a huge powerhouse for your business growth and increased profits in 2021.

If you’re still resisting the social media boom, you’re really doing nothing more than hurting your brand or business. Consumers this year are going to expect businesses and brands to have a developed social media presence with social cred and quick response time. If not, you’ll be hurting your reputation.

Social media, and especially Instagram, is a huge part of building your reputation and generating interest in your brand and business. As we turn the page, let’s make sure that we start our Instagram presence off on the right foot and get strategies in place now!

If you’re looking for the best way to grow your Instagram followers this year, you may have heard people talking about Instagram bots and how they can help you get more Instagram followers. While we wish that were true, bots are a thing of the past, and we’re going to tell you exactly why you should be focusing your efforts on 5 other top Instagram tools for follower growth.

We can’t wait until you hear what they can do for your Instagram growth. Let’s get started!

After this article, you’ll understand:

  • Why most bots don’t work for Instagram growth
  • What other alternatives exist for top quality Instagram growth
  • What you can do to increase your Instagram reach naturally

What is an Instagram Bot?

So, this term has been floating around since roughly 2015 or 2016, which is when the fake follower game ended and people were looking for a new supplement to their Instagram growth.

Instagram bots emerged at that time, with many companies offering Instagram bots and automation services that would basically produce mass engagements in order for people to notice the client’s account and check them out.

While this worked for a while, a couple of things started to happen. The pockets of these Instagram growth services were getting a lot bigger, with results growing inconsistent and a lack of communication on their part.

In addition to that, users began to see that bots were invading the platform, with a bunch of strangers starting to follow them, generic and undesirable comments in the comment sections on pretty much any Instagram post, as well as annoying, spammy DMs.

When Instagram started to realize that these bots were taking over Instagram and ruining the user experience, they basically put their foot down and made it impossible for them to operate. This effectively closed down most of the automation services, making their work useless.

Why are Bots Bad for Instagram?

So, since Instagram has become more strict on how bots and third-party apps engage with the platform, bots are really unadvisable for use to grow your followers. There are a couple of negative effects that bots can have on your Instagram account.

First, you can be flagged, and ultimately banned. If Instagram identifies your account as using bots or engagements that go against their terms of use, they will eventually ban you if it’s done repeatedly. They can tell because bots typically engage over the daily engagement limits, which is bound to get you flagged. And alternatively, if they lower their engagement levels, you’re likely to see little to no results.

Instagram will also have your content shadowbanned, which means that it will limit the reach that your content gets naturally because you use bots or automation tools. If this happens to your profile, you will be severely limited in gaining new followers and getting more engagements.

Not only will you see little results with bots, but you’ll also be throwing money away. They don’t have good support teams and if something isn’t working, they won’t help you with it. Unless the Instagram bot is extremely well-designed and well-managed by people, it won’t be effective.

All in all, there are plenty of more effective options to streamline and delegate your Instagram growth, and we’ve got all the deets in our top 5 list, which is coming up now.

1. Growthoid

Growthoid has totally changed the game in terms of Instagram growth, and it’s definitely for the better. Now, instead of putting your Instagram growth in the hands of a bot, you can put it in the hands of a real person.

You heard that right— no bots in sight with Growthoid, just real account managers growing your account by hand through engaging with target users in your niche.

When you sign up with Growthoid, you’ll be assigned a dedicated account manager who will contact you and ask you to provide your targeting instructions. That’s another good thing about Growthoid— they actually care about follower quality, and their expert team of account managers will work to ensure that you get the ones you need.

Growthoid is an extremely straightforward service that is so easy to use. Not only that, they have 2 flexible monthly plans with affordable price points and a money-back guarantee. Their client reviews and ratings are also stellar, which is great to see.

Their support team is unlike anything we’ve ever seen in this industry, being super responsive and very dedicated to achieving the results that your Instagram deserves. With a team that actually cares about your success behind you, the possibilities for Instagram growth are endless.

2. Growthsilo

Another excellent option for Instagram growth without bots is Growthsilo, a fully-managed Instagram growth service that uses only organic methods to get you real followers.

One of the most important things in terms of growing your Instagram these days is engagement. If you don’t have real, targeted followers looking at your account who will actually engage with your content and be interested in your product and service, ultimately the service is a bust.

Growthsilo knows this and works very diligently to ensure you only get followers that are connected to your niche, following your targeting instructions to the T. This is really important in terms of Instagram growth in 2021.

When you are a client of Growthsilo, you will have access to an experienced account manager that will help you to generate real engagements with your target audience, and their support team and expertise are really top-notch. They have two plans that can work with any budget, and their service is backed up by a guarantee.

3. TaskAnt

In terms of Instagram growth, a tool like TaskAnt is absolutely invaluable in understanding your target audience and using your hashtag strategy to perpetuate real Instagram growth and gain more Instagram followers.

We all know that hashtags are basically the lifeblood of Instagram reach, which means you shouldn’t forget to optimize your strategy, as it can have a huge impact on how well your content performs and how many people it gets exposed to.

TaskAnt is the top hashtag generation tool and Instagram scheduler; with an Instagram growth tool like this under your belt, you’ll be shocked at how much your account can grow. TaskAnt offers a variety of features that you’ll love.

TaskAnt will help you to find top hashtags and related ones, which you can then organize into hashtag sets for your convenience. They’re also in development with a feature that can help you track your competitors, which is awesome to see what is trending in your niche and what they’re using.

TaskAnt also offers an awesome Instagram scheduler, which will help streamline your workflow and make sure that your posts come out on time, consistently.

4. Stellation Media

Stellation Media is an interesting option for Instagram growth because they’ve started to take advantage of one of the most popular features on the platform— Instagram stories.

Stellation Media is an incredibly well-managed automation system that will help perpetuate engagements such as likes, story views, story reactions, DMs, and more, all of which generate interest around your profile and gets people looking at you.

They have an awesome user-friendly dashboard that helps you take a look at your progress and see some other analytics that can help you better understand your account and performance.

Stellation Media does use some automation and is a bit on the pricier side, but they’ve had a great reputation for a long time now, and people are loving the service.

5. Upleap

One of the only automated services that we would recommend, Upleap still has their service under control through account managers; it is monitored by people, which is what makes them a safe option. One of the biggest problems with Instagram bots is that people just set them up and then never look at them again.

With Upleap, they have account managers who keep an eye on the service, making sure that engagements don’t surpass the limits set by Instagram, and that the bot is working to deliver good results.

If you’re not sure about using a bot, Upleap does have a 3-day trial, albeit a little short to make a final decision. They have three monthly options to choose from, and you can cancel at any time.

Tips for Best Instagram Growth

Using one of these services mentioned above will no doubt help to get the word out about your account and generate more interest around your content, but there’s also more that you can do in tandem to get even higher levels of success.

And after all, that’s the goal, right? Many people think that they should just pay for an Instagram growth service and they don’t have to do anything else; it’s no wonder that they are often frustrated and upset by the results.

These growth services are organic, which means if you don’t do your part to craft a successful Instagram content strategy and learn about your target audience, your results are bound to be limited. Let’s take a closer look at how you can help growth services help you.

Make Unique Content

The first thing you want to do is ensure that your content is unique and valuable to your target audience. Growth services can help draw users to your profile, but it’s your content that has to make them stay.

Always think about what are the current trends on Instagram, study your competition and see what works for them, and always keep your content connected to your brand image and portraying the best of what you have to offer.

If your brand image is served by being entertaining and humorous, make sure to take advantage of that and always let your personality shine through. Even if you’re a more professional service, your follower should still be able to see your business’s personality in your Instagram post.

Know Your Target Audience

The more you know about your target audience, the better you can adjust your content to what they want to see, as well as provide your Instagram growth service with accurate targeting Instructions.

It’s all too common for users to turn in a targeting instruction like the hashtag #beauty, which is literally so general you’ll never know what kind of followers you’ll be bringing in. You need to be very clear and specific about your targets in order to gain the most relevant and valuable followers.

Use All Instagram Features

Posting only single photos are days of Instagram old; you need to stay with the times and make sure you’re taking advantage of features like Instagram stories, Instagram reels, Instagram story highlights, carousel, and video posts, as well as IGTV.

You can also go live on IG, which will also be interesting to your followers and show that you have an active presence on the platform.

Post Consistently

Speaking of having an active presence, you need to ensure that your posts come out consistently and on schedule. There’s nothing worse than disappearing and reappearing for a few days; this doesn’t help your performance against the Instagram algorithm.

Staying active on Instagram will get your profile more attention and when your growth service is doing their part, users will actually see a well-created and engaging profile that they’ll no doubt want to follow.

Conclusion: Best Instagram Bots

So, there you have it! The top Instagram bot alternatives and some hot tips to help you make sure that these Instagram growth services and tools take your account to the next level.

Set some clear goals, sign up with one of these services, optimize your strategies, and absolutely crush it this year! Let’s do this.

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