Reasons you should buy a scroll pump despite its cost

With the wide range of vacuum systems available today, looking for the best option can become difficult. If you are looking for a convenient and environmentally friendly system, a scroll pump is your best option.

The pumps are versatile and can be used with different vacuum systems.

The scroll pump gets its name from two identical scroll or spiral forms that are made from cast steel. The top scroll is fixed while the other orbiting scroll is attached to it. The second scroll fits inside and is attached to the rotating motor.

An Efficient Compressor

The best thing about the scroll pump is its efficiency. This is mainly due to the six pockets of gas being compressed simultaneously. The process of compression uses a simple orbiting motion that eliminates the need for too many moving parts. This is unlike the piston-type compressors that have numerous moving parts. The scroll pump is considered to be a “dry” pump that reduces the risk of contamination. It must, however, be noted that the pump is very intolerant of particles. There is also the risk of generation of particles as a result of tip seal wear.

Energy Saving Compressor

Another reason why you should consider investing in a scroll pump is to save energy. Having a pump with scroll compression will help you to save energy. This goes a long way in reducing your utility bills. Experts suggest that during heating, these pumps can produce air between 10 and 15 degrees higher than standard piston compressors. This also means that a small scroll pump can produce as much cool or hot air as a large piston compressor. Apart from saving energy, you also save on space.

The Durability Factor

The fact that they have fewer moving parts means that these pumps are less likely to break down. They are efficient and work much better than other conventional compressors. As the scrolls wear over time, they tend to fit together more snugly, which limits the escape of air or refrigerant. Unlike conventional compressors that malfunction if you forget to change the filter, the pumps are safer. Dirt, dust, and other pollutants are less likely to affect the system.

A Quiet Operation

Investing in a scroll pump means that you will enjoy a much quieter operation. The systems have fewer moving parts, and this translates into less vibration. Unlike other air conditioners and heaters in the market that have noisy valves, these pumps are quieter. The scroll compressor produces a low hum during operation, but the sound is not loud or distracting. This makes it perfect for home use.

The performance of scroll pumps will vary depending on the size of the unit that you buy. Other factors affect performance, and they include the ambient temperature and speed of operation. The quality of the vapor or gas being pumped will also determine how the unit works. Despite the relatively higher cost, a scroll pump is an investment worth making.

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