DA releases new agri goods SRP list for Metro Manila

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THE DEPARTMENT of Agriculture has announced a new suggested retail price (SRP) list for agricultural products sold in wet markets across Metro Manila in line with the declaration of a Luzon-wide state of calamity following the recent series of typhoons. Agriculture Secretary William D. Dar signed on Thursday Administrative Circular No. 17 implementing the new SRP list for selected food products. Mr. Dar cited the need to control prices for basic goods so as not to worsen the difficulties experienced by Filipino consumers affected by the coronavirus pandemic and the impact of the disasters. “The SRP shall be applicable within the wet markets of Metro Manila, to the exclusion of supermarkets,” Mr. Dar said. Under Republic Act No. 7581 or the Price Act, the government is mandated to ensure that prime commodities are available at all times and are retailed at reasonable prices without impeding on the fair return of investment for businesses. The Agriculture department and other government agencies recently implemented a price freeze on selected agricultural and fishery commodities after the state of calamity declaration.

The suggested retail price of select food commodities are as follows:

. Imported commercial rice (special) – P52 per kilogram

. Imported commercial rice (premium) – P45 per kilogram

. Imported commercial rice (well-milled) – P36 per kilogram

. Local commercial rice (special) – P50 per kilogram

. Local commercial rice (premium) – P45 per kilogram

. Local commercial rice (well-milled) – P40 per kilogram

. Bangus (3-4 pcs medium) – P160 per kilogram

. Tilapia (5-6 pcs medium) – P120 per kilogram

. Roundscad (galunggong) imported (11-20 pcs medium) – P140 per kilogram

. Alumahan – P250 per kilogram

. Beef rump – P380 per kilogram

. Beef brisket – P300 per kilogram

. Pork pigue/kasim – P260 per kilogram

. Pork liempo – P290 per kilogram

. Whole chicken – P140 per kilogram

. Chicken egg (medium) – P6.50 per piece

. Ampalaya – P120 per kilogram

. Sitao – P100 per kilogram

. Pechay (Native) – P80 per kilogram

. Squash – P30 per kilogram

. Eggplant – P100 per kilogram

. Tomato – P100 per kilogram

. Cabbage (Scorpio) – P70 per kilogram

. Carrots – P80 per kilogram

. Baguio beans – P130 per kilogram

. White potato – P70 per kilogram

. Pechay (Baguio) – P80 per kilogram

. Chayote – P40 per kilogram

. Red onion – P160 per kilogram

. Red onion (imported) – P120 per kilogram

. White onion (imported) – P100 per kilogram

. Garlic (imported) – P90 per kilogram

. Ginger – P160 per kilogram

. Calamansi – P50 per kilogram

. Banana (Lakatan) – P90 per kilogram

. Banana (Latundan) – P70 per kilogram

. Papaya – P60 per kilogram

. Mango (Carabao) – P150 per kilogram

. Sugar (Refined) – P 50 per kilogram

. Sugar (Washed) – P45 per kilogram

. Sugar (Brown) – P45 per kilogram

. Cooking oil (Palm 350 ml) – P25

. Cooking oil (Palm one liter) – P50

Revin Mikhael D. Ochave

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