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When you are attempting to register a service animal, you might not know which registration sites to trust.

Some sites are privately owned, some are government-owned, and others are ambiguous. Additionally, the laws surrounding support animals versus service animals and therapy dogs can be confusing and contradictory. has attempted to streamline the ESA registration process for soon-to-be emotional support dog owners in America. This site hosts everything that ESA owners need to get their pets registered, suited up, and protected in one easy place. But is it truly the best the industry has to offer?

We’ve researched to help you decide if this website is legit. Check out our list of pros and cons to determine if there are trustworthy doctors behind this service and if it’s the best choice for you as a prospective support dog owner.

What is

Every pet owner needs a mental health professional’s written recommendation to claim all legal rights with a service or support animal. simplifies the registration process by connecting pet owners to doctors through virtual consultations.

Virtual Consultations

The service operates using simple voice and video communication on the computer to connect you with a qualified professional who can consult on your eligibility to register a pet as an official emotional support animal, or ESA.’s process is fully online, so its team is accessible in ways that an in-person service may not be. Those with severe anxiety, depression, or PTSD do not have to visit an in-person therapist to receive registration paperwork.

Official ESA Shop

Besides setting clients up with licensed mental health professionals, this site also provides valuable products that ESA owners can use.

An ESA is meant to accompany their owner to de-stress stressful scenarios, like flying. They can’t just have a flimsy collar; they need a bright, clear, and apparent collar that holds up even after many long travel days. That’s why invests in durable products featured on the comprehensive online store.

Popular items include:

  • Animal identification for both your wallet and keychain
  • Registration certificates
  • Books and informational materials
  • Vests, harnesses, leashes, collars, collar tags, patches, and other labelled wearable items for your ESA
  • Travel water bowls
  • Dog-lover charm bracelets

These products are sold in bundles to help ESA owners get started with a complete package of equipment needed to travel.

You can save money on ESA products in bulk by trying out some of’s value kits, VIP kits, and All-You-Need packages.

What Does an Letter Do For You?

Once you get your recommendation from ESARegistration, it means you can use it on select airlines and in certain housing agreements to seek protection under two federal laws:

  • The Fair Housing Act (FHA)
  • The Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA)

The travel letter protects your pet on airlines under the ACAA without having to pay a pet fee. You can keep your pet in the cabin with you at the regular ticket price. Some airlines have rules about the size and breed of your pet. Be sure to look up your airline’s individual rules about ESA’s before taking your animal for your flight.

The housing letter invokes the FHA law. It allows you to live with your emotional support animal or service animal in an apartment or housing complex without having to pay a pet fee and without facing eviction.

However, you will need separate letters; one for travelling with a pet, and one for housing your pet. They can be purchased separately from the web services catalogue.

In addition to the legal protections that these letters can help you secure, ESA registration can get you exclusive discounts on the online store. You must have your pet before registration to qualify for registration.

Features of is not just a support animal registration service. It is an all-in-one service for prospective and current ESA owners.

This website offers features, such as:

  • Text and email updates regarding changes in legality or major changes to ESA ownership and rights in the United States or state-by-state
  • Discounts in the online store for registered ESA owners
  • A consultation with a licensed mental health professional
  • An ESA letter for airline travel in the cabin without fee under the Air Carrier Access Act
  • An ESA letter for apartment ownership without a pet fee or risk of eviction under the Fair Housing Act

The text and email alert feature can be particularly valuable for those who count on an ESA letter to board airplanes and rent housing. These updates could end up saving you from having your permissions revoked suddenly due to minute adjustments to state or federal law.

What are the Benefits of

Low Wait Time For Letter

One of the many benefits of using this service is the simplicity. It can be overwhelming to get started on the ESA certification process when you aren’t sure where to start. streamlines the process so that you can get your ESA letter quickly and start travelling!

  • The team evaluates your situation and consult on your ability to register your pet
  • They match you with a qualified professional
  • They make your ESA letter
  • They follow up by providing great products that you can use as an ESA owner.

It’s as simple as that.

Consultations with Qualified Professionals

The site quickly pairs you with a qualified mental health professional who can answer any questions you have about registration. You get to talk to a specialist that’s trained to help you go through this process without having to visit a doctor’s office. There’s no other way to register that’s as convenient. also makes sure you’re informed about the laws regarding your ESA. You’ll receive text updates about new laws and regulations so you can stay up to date.

Bundled Products Available in One Place

It would be very inconvenient to search for several ESA products across the web. These are niche products that are not available at your everyday pet store, and not every manufacturer is reliable.

Each product features on is constructed from high-quality materials and designed to be durable.

Are There Any Drawbacks to Registering My Pet Through

Something to keep in mind about this service is that it is not a catch-all cure for permitting you to take your service animal with you anywhere. State-by-state laws change. There are a few factors that could impact your eligibility for this service, such as:

  • Your location
  • Your choice of pet
  • New laws that come out every year

Is Worth It?

Overall, we think is worth using to make your dog an official support animal. It provides a clear-cut path with step-by-step instructions for pursuing a legal letter from a licensed professional.

It also houses some of the highest-quality products out there for service pets, including collars, vests, and more.

We recommend this website for pet owners looking for a fast and painless registration process. You will still have to be patient, as medical professionals need time to evaluate your case and recommend a letter for you.

You also need to prepare to invest in several letters for both travel and accommodation, as there is not just one letter that protects you and your dog’s rights.


  • All you need to apply is an ID. (If you are under 18, a legal guardian must also be present to obtain a letter.)
  • You don’t need to go searching for a therapist to write you a qualifying ESA letter.
  • Dog owners receive access to everything they need in one place.


  • Certain states require written proof of active therapy or treatment to allow pets on airplanes.
  • States like Colorado and Ohio cannot even use this service due to telehealth regulations.
  • You have to pay for each separate letter for protections regarding the FHA and ACAA. You don’t get coverage for both with just one letter.
  • This service only covers the United States, and only applies to those who hold citizenship and reside within the United States.
  • org only provides letters for dogs and cats, and you cannot certify more than one animal as an ESA.

The Verdict

ESA registration in the United States is not a straightforward process, but dog owners have a fast way to get letters for travelling and accomodation through

Is this site legit? The short answer is yes. The network of professionals that have partnered with the site to consult with potential ESA owners is qualified and licensed.

Is registering enough to protect you federally under FHA and ACAA? No. This service is a shortcut directly to a health professional who can write you an ESA letter if you qualify. Registration is becoming more feasible for many more qualifying Americans due to the services provided by online ESA services.

If ESARegistration sounds like the right service for you, you can fill out a request form online to schedule a consultation with a professional.

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