10 best sites to buy SoundCloud plays & followers

Are you looking to generate more interest around your SoundCloud profile and get your music more notoriety?

If you want to have a top reputation on SoundCloud, you definitely need to have a lot of plays to back up your content.

SoundCloud has been a leader in the global music scene since 2008, and it’s a big platform for artists to become discovered and have people who matter listening to their content and new releases. Since SoundCloud is a giant in the world of social media music platforms, there is no shortage of content that is dying to be played.

The more plays that you have on your SoundCloud content, the more attractive your music will look to users that are considering what to play and what they should be interested in. After all, when songs have a lot of plays, there must be something interesting about them, right?

If someone comes across your musical content and sees a few plays, they’re not going to be too motivated to check it out. It’s clear that while followers and likes are very important on SoundCloud, having a lot of plays on your SoundClod is a big driver of success.

So, what do you do when you find yourself struggling to drive the necessary plays to build social cred? Have you ever considered buying SoundCloud plays to bolster your success?

Waiting around for ages for your music to gain plays can be really frustrating. For this reason, many artists are turning to buying SoundCloud plays.

Top Sites to Buy SoundCloud Plays & Followers

It can be tough to find the right company to buy SoundCloud plays from. Perhaps you’re reluctant to get into the world of purchasing followers, or maybe you’re skeptical about whether or not the company can actually deliver your purchase of plays, followers or likes.

While you’re right to be a bit skeptical, there are definitely some great companies out there that offer valuable SoundCloud plays that will actually help your account.

We created this list in order to give you the most trustworthy and effective companies to buy SoundCloud plays from. Many of them can also support your SoundCloud followers and likes as well, so we’ll help you understand that along the way.

We’ve taken the liberty of compiling our ranking of best sites to buy SoundCloud plays and followers so that you don’t have to. Here are our top picks!

1. UseViral — Top Site to Buy SoundCloud Plays

The top spot is rightfully given to UseViral, which is the leading provider of SoundCloud plays. All of the plays that they offer are completely high-quality, which is what you need in order to build a real reputation on SoundCloud and have a more legitimate presence.

If someone is checking out your profile for the first time, you will be more appealing when you have more SoundCloud followers, plays, and likes.

Since these are all necessary for SoundCloud success, UseViral can help you gain the traction you need at a much quicker pace. When you buy SoundCloud plays from UseViral, your profile will be much more competitive, naturally boosting your SoundCloud success over time.

Purchasing SoundCloud plays from UseViral is a very simple process, and your plays are delivered naturally over the course of a few days so that nothing gets flagged on your account. This is a company that cares about your account security and reputation.

The support team that UseViral offers is top-notch and can answer any questions you may have along the way about your purchase or anything else. They’ve already got loads of happy clients who have purchased SoundCloud plays from them, so we’re sure that you’ll feel the same.

All you have to do is choose the package you want to buy, check out, and UseViral will get to work on delivering your order. Your plays will be completely delivered within the time frame that UseViral specifies, and voila! You’re on your way to SoundCloud success.

UseViral also offers SoundCloud followers and likes, which is a complete strategy for boosting your comprehensive SoundCloud reputation all at the same time. Since all of their packages deliver quality plays, followers, and likes, they will help to boost your real engagement on SoundCloud and keep your profile growing.

If you are interested in growing your cross-platform presence and reputation, UseViral also offers a variety of other packages and growth services for other social networks like Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, Spotify, and more.

Don’t miss out on the chance to grow your SoundCloud plays, followers, and likes with affordable and premium quality engagements from UseViral. Their pricing is really affordable and they have a solid reputation for their service all around.

2. SidesMedia

SidesMedia has been quickly catching up to the status of UseViral, which means they are our second best option for buying SoundCloud plays. Since they are gaining so much momentum, there’s no doubt that what they offer is really effective and that they’ve become experts in SoundCloud plays.

You can generate popularity for your account when you buy SoundCloud plays from SidesMedia, which is ultimately the main goal. The good news is that they also offer SoundCloud followers if you’re looking to grow both of them simultaneously.

The best thing about SidesMedia is that they offer real and high-quality engagements that will actually bring their clients results and increased engagement, which is the priority of SidesMedia. It’s great to have a company behind you that really cares about your success.

SidesMedia also cares about your account security, so they’ll deliver your SoundCloud plays over a natural delivery period, so your purchase will be delivered within 48 hours.

Like UseViral, SidesMedia offers really affordable pricing options, and you can get 1000 plays for only $3. What have you got to lose? There’s no question that using SidesMedia SoundCloud plays will generate long-term success for your SoundCloud popularity.

3. Media Mister

One of the oldest growth services around, Media Mister definitely knows a thing or two about delivering high-quality SoundCloud plays and followers. They have a stellar reputation and many happy clients.

Media Mister offers not only SoundCloud plays and followers, but many other packages for a variety of other social media platforms. In fact, they offer more than one could even hope for, which means you can successfully grow your social media networks all at once.

The one thing about Media Mister that might give pause is that they are a bit more expensive than other providers, and they also take a bit longer for delivery.

In any case, Media Mister is very focused on your account safety and always ensures that your deliveries happen at a safe rate without flagging the SoundCloud platform.

4. Views Expert

Views Expert is an increasingly trending site to buy SoundCloud plays, so that must mean they are doing something right. You can increase popularity on SoundCloud with engagements like plays, likes, and followers. Views Experts claim guaranteed delivery over a 1-3 business day period, which is a fairly common delivery timeframe.

You can find packages between 20k to 100k likes, which means you’ll have to commit to a higher number when you purchase. If you’re looking for a small boost, they don’t have what you need, but higher quantities can be satisfied with no issue.

They have a relatively low pricing scheme, which might indicate lower quality based on the numbers that they offer, but depending on your goals, they could work for you. You could write to their support team to make sure they can deliver what you’re looking for.

Their support is 24/7, which is beneficial when inquiring about their services.

5. Famups

Famups takes our number five spot for growing your SoundCloud credibility.

They offer a variety of different options, including SoundCloud plays, followers, reposts, engagements, and likes. They are looking to boost your organic engagement, which is always a plus.

They not only offer services for SoundCloud, but also for social media platforms including Spotify, Youtube, Twitter, and more.

Their advanced methods help to drive traffic to your SoundCloud account and they use a variety of solutions to bring you more plays that build your credibility. Their 24/7 support service will help you if you have any questions or concerns, which also gives peace of mind.

Famups offers quick delivery without requiring a password, which means they are aware of your account safety at all times. The good thing is that you don’t have to follow others, and they vow authentic engagement, which is necessary for productive SoundCloud growth.

6. GetRealBoost

With the different packages that Get Real Boost offers, you’ll no doubt find something that can help your SoundCloud grow The good thing is that their expert team can gain you SoundCloud plays, followers, comments, and reposts, all of which will help your SoundCloud reputation.

GetRealBoost also offers a wide range of pricing options. The maximum number of SoundCloud plays you can buy is  200k, which is pretty substantial.

When your performance is lagging on SoundCloud, buying more followers can help you to get back on track. Get Real Boost is backed by a 100% money-back guarantee, which helps with peace of mind if you’re not sure about your results or something wasn’t delivered exactly as described.

7. SubPals

SubPals offers many engagements for SoundCloud, which means you can buy SoundCloud plays, followers, downloads, reposts, and likes. This is great if you’re looking to expand a variety of your SoundCloud engagements.

The pricing options that you’ll encounter with SubPals are quite varied, which means you’ll be able to find something for you without issue.

SubPals takes care of your security by providing services without requiring a password, which is exactly what you want to see when buying SoundCloud engagements. They also have a guarantee that will replace any lost plays or followers over time, which indicates that you may see a drop in your purchase quantity.

Regardless, their support is available around the clock, so you can get answers. Their services cost a bit more than others, so they may not be the optimal choice for all buyers.

8. RedSocial

SoundCloud is a vital platform for any musician to get their music heard and gain the next steps in their career. The most important thing is having songs and content that have lots of plays, supplementing that with followers and likes. This is something that RedSocial can provide, boosting your exposure and building your social cred.

There are also other platforms that RedSocial can help you develop, including Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, among others, but we’re mainly focused on SoundCloud here.

RedSocial plays packages range anywhere from 1,000 plays to 100,000 plays, and are relatively affordable. According to RedSocial, these plays are permanent, meaning they won’t disappear after a while. They’ll be delivered in a safe time frame, so you won’t raise any red flags with SoundCloud..

SoundCloud likes, followers, downloads, reposts, and comments are also available on RedSocial which they offer in packages of varying numbers.

9. StreamDigic

You’ll find a variety of social media platform packages available on StreamDigic, including YouTube, Spotify, Instagram, and SoundCloud. Their packages are relatively affordable as well.

When considering SoundCloud exclusively, you can expect to find promotions such as plays, likes, followers, and comments for your profile. The great thing about StreamDigic is that they offer professional services that are very efficient and allow people on a dedicated budget to choose options that can work for them.

Their service is backed by a guarantee and their packages won’t interrupt your SoundCloud account in any way. They also offer quick delivery and they work diligently to  make sure you are satisfied and gain positive results from purchasing their packages.

StreamDigic promotes high-quality SoundCloud plays and followers. Their packages for plays also go up to 200,000, which is more than we’ve seen on other sites, and they are also reasonably priced.

10. PlaysWiz

When looking to grow your music platform, you can gain both Spotify and SoundCloud recognition through PlaysWiz. They also offer packages for YouTube, but that’s it, which means they focus exclusively on these platforms.

When you buy SoundCloud plays from PlaysWiz, you boost the visibility of your SoundCloud; another added benefit is that they offer six different types of engagements for SoundCloud, including plays and followers. You’ll only find two varieties for Spotify, but they can still benefit your account.

Their team is very experienced and you’ll expect quick service, high-quality support, as well as top-notch privacy with no requirement for passwords or personal information.


It can be difficult to gain the SoundCloud presence you need to keep up with the competition, especially over a short period of time. When you have more SoundCloud plays, followers, and likes, your profile will gain popularity more quickly because you have more social cred.

Social cred is driving pretty much all social media networks, so it’s not an option, but a necessity to have it. When you buy SoundCloud plays that aren’t bots, you give an infusion not only to your music but also to your social cred, helping to build you the reputation you need for long-term performance and success.

Buying SoundCloud followers from the providers on this list is safe, secure, and effective for your SoundCloud needs. Sites like UseViral and SidesMedia have tons of experience in delivering plays, followers, and likes to satisfied clients and have tapped into the art of delivering value while keeping things cost-effective.

Don’t wait— do yourself a favor and start gaining the SoundCloud plays that you need to propel yourself to the music career that you’ve been fighting so hard to achieve!

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