Academy of Certified Professional Managers is in the process of developing a new platform for International Cooperation

An online meeting of Academy members on June 28th was also subscribed to by  representatives of European training centres and several entrepreneurs.

The purpose of the meeting was to establish partnerships and get acquainted with supporters from the field of advanced training and professional development of practitioners. The meeting was a productive one and all were stimulated with ideas to cope with working in the new and changed environment.

The pandemic has shown that it is possible to work productively from any location in the world and that working from home does not strongly affect the professionalism of specialists, but rather demonstrates its depth. The issue that has long been familiar to the ACPM members appeared in a new perspective. Entrepreneurs and representatives of training centres from Europe and the CIS discussed several of its aspects and ways to address it at an online meeting.

The general theme of the meeting as it emerged from the discussions was“Organizations should take advantage of the crisis to revitalize teams with skills from other sectors”.

Training centres, working on advanced training of managers at different levels and areas, agreed to share their experience and mechanisms of interaction with them. A representative of FinAcademy Aktiv, a training centre from Eastern Europe, offered ACPM extensive support in all matters of advanced training of specialists online. ACPM offered a partnership to training centres from France, Poland, and the Czech Republic, which are currently considering the proposal.

The following conclusions were reached :

  • ACPM needs to develop a detailed plan for cooperation with the training centres in Europe and Asia to expand the partnership network. This step should announce ACPM to a wider range of specialists and establish operational communication with colleagues from other countries to collect data and to carry out reviews on business demand for specialists in different markets.
  • To collaborate more closely. It was deemed necessary to create a system of accreditation for all educational institutions that help businesses and the market to maintain managers’ skills at the appropriate levels.

According to Richard Oliphant, Director of ASPM: “The current global situation has shown everyone that strength is in unity and teamwork. My colleagues and I realized this ten years ago when the 2008 crisis shuffled all the cards. We need to deal with the consequences of cataclysms, to work on new tasks, and to prepare for changes in any sphere as a team. Fortunately, the Internet and all kinds of programs for collaborative work allow us to continue our operations without violating the quarantine measures.

These tools also help us to find supporters far beyond the UK to share in unique experiences and knowledge, and to move towards common goals. We have already met our colleagues from Europe, and we hope to continue this relationship in a productive way.”

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