3 Great ways to upgrade your garden 

Many people tend to neglect garden design in favour of building their perfect interior, but if you have a garden space it’s silly not to make the most of it!

Well thought out, beautifully designed gardens mean that you’ll want to spend more time outdoors and will impress any visitors that come round. Follow these ideas to take your garden from plain to fabulous; you won’t regret it!

Invest in a Hot Tub

There’s nothing like a garden with a hot tub – this is really the ultimate way to give your garden a stylish and luxurious makeover and is something everyone in the family can enjoy for years to come. A hot tub is an investment in your health and wellbeing as many people say they feel more relaxed and have better sleep when they’ve been in a hot tub that day. When purchasing a hot tub, you want to make sure you go for a self-cleaning one. Self-cleaning means that your hot tub will require virtually no maintenance costs, adding to it being a great investment. You can also upgrade your hot tub to include lighting and stereo systems to really enhance the whole experience. Check out the amazing hot tub models at oasisleisure.com.

Create Your Own Outdoor Cinema

Outdoor cinemas are becoming an increasingly trendy activity to do in the summer but tickets can be expensive! What better way to spend your summer nights than bringing the outdoor cinema experience into your very own back garden. All you really need to create an outdoor cinema on a budget is a projector and a blank wall, or in desperate cases, a sheet! String the sheet between two trees or two posts and you have yourself a great way to watch a film outdoors! A projector is a great investment for any film lover and you’ll be sure to use it again and again. Buy some comfy bean bags, blankets, cushions, fairy lights, and of course popcorn to give the whole experience a magical feel.

Build a Firepit

Outdoor spaces look amazing when there is a beautiful focal point that draws your eye in as soon as you step out into the garden – a fire pit is a great way to do this. A fire pit provides heat and warmth as well as being a stunning decorative feature that will really upgrade any plain back garden. Fire pits are also pretty resilient to any weather and really stand the test of time, so installing a fire pit is a great investment. Talking around your new fire pit will bring both family and friends together as well!

A well-designed garden with amazing accents like a beautiful fire pit or enticing hot tub will mean that you really make the most out of your garden for years to come. Investing in your garden is certainly worth your while – take some inspiration from this guide to build an amazing outdoor space that you’ll want to spend all your time in!

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