AquaVape launches the first UK vape touchscreen

UK vape manufacturer Aquavape hopes to add more convenience to the customer shopping experience whilst helping retailers maximise sales.

Product displays remain an integral component in every retail store. Their setup has a direct bearing on sales, determining how enjoyable a shopping experience can be.

With the recent launch of the UK’s first vape touchscreen, British vape company AquaVape is hoping to revolutionise the shopping experience for vapers in a move that will also see retail stores capitalise on the opportunity brought about by this new tech.

The Bolton-based e-cigarette firm has teamed up with convenience stores across the country to help them repurpose their vape section if they are to take advantage of what is a booming market segment that is projected to grow even more in the coming years. This, despite a slowdown in other sectors of a world economy still reeling from the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

As AquaVape director Ebrahim Kathrada notes, “The e-cigarette market is expanding and as the number of vapers continues to rise, we would encourage retailers to look at their display and make changes.  There is always room for improvement.”

With much about everything going online in this digital age, the introduction of an interactive touchscreen kiosks in retail stores by AquaVape couldn’t be timelier.

The technology can be the perfect bridge between a brick-and-mortar retail environment and the convenience and efficiency of the online world.

As it stands, the UK is now the number 1 vaping market in the world, closely followed by the United States. That is a huge market to tap into.

But as Kathrada is quick to point out, it is important that retailers start looking at the in-store vape shopping experience from the customer’s standpoint if they are to make inroads in what is still a relatively new market.

“We have to understand this completely from a customer’s perspective. Walking into a store and seeing a wall of vape can be very daunting,” he says.

The vape manufacturer, whose Fresh Menthol e-liquid scooped up the top prize in the inaugural Vape Business Conference & Awards in 2019, aims to make vape product displays more appealing to customers, thus giving them an incentive to shop.

Indeed, AquaVape’s touchscreen kiosks are more than just an interactive display to help customers make convenient vape purchases in busy retail stores. It’s a database that provides valuable vape insights that help customers reach more informed buying decisions.

Aquavapes category approach means retailers have access to a wide array of products from leading manufacturers and suppliers from around the World.  With a wide portfolio of products offered by Aquavape the category is simplified and managed effectively with the support of bespoke furniture and patented digital technology.

The system is pre-loaded with vape training videos, full multi-product information and detailed explanations touching on vape devices, e-liquids, vape tanks and coils.

All a customer needs to do is input the informationinto the system, upon which the program returns solutions based on the query, before it prints out a barcode receipt with the customer’s order upon request.

Dubbed the “Silent Salesman” by the people over at AquaVape, the vape touchscreen makes shopping an easier and more fun experience for customers, with retailers standing to benefit in more ways than one.

Win-win situations don’t happen often in business, but on the rare occasions that they do, it’s usually a truly remarkable experience.

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