How to Watch NFR Live Stream 2020 Online on The Cowboy Channel | When and Where to Watch Wrangler National Finals Rodeo on TV Channel

Are you a fan of rodeo events? This month is another opportunity for you to have an amazing experience.

For fans not just in the US but around the world, they are counting hours before they see another edition of the National Finals Rodeo, scheduled between December 3rd and 12th this year at Globe Life Field Arlington, Texas.

Over the years, the Wrangler NFR has evolved and has now become one of the most competitive and fun rodeo events that has grown in popularity not only in the US but in other parts of the world as well.

National Finals Rodeo 2020 TV Info:

Date: 3-12 December, 2020

Venue: Globe Life Field, Arlington, Texas

Organizer: PRCA

TV Network: The Cowboy Channel/RFD-TV

Live Stream: Watch Online

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And as it has grown in popularity, many fans from different parts of the world will be looking for the best way to watch the 2020 National Finals rodeo. Given that the best cowboys in the world will be attending this iconic rodeo event to compete against each other and win the world championship, it is worth considering a few available ways to access your favorite event, particularly If you will not make to the stadium.

The ticket to live experiences in Texas is limited due to the highly contagious coronavirus. Even if you can afford the travel expenses and the cost of the ticket, there is still possibility you can miss out and watching NFR 2020 from the comfort of your own home remains an option.

There are many options, but here we have focused on live streaming

How to watch NFR Live Stream 2021

Whether you want to livestream or watch on TV, the most important thing is to know the official broadcaster. The Cowboy Channel and RFD TV will broadcast every ten days of NFR from Globe Field in Arlington, Texas.

So if you don’t want to miss a single second of the sport’s top events, including bareback riding, saddle bronc riding, bull riding, steer wrestling, barrel racing, team and tie-down roping, read on.

We have shown different ways to stream or watch the NFR 2020 live.

The Cowboy Channel on DirecTV

Live streaming the WNFR 2020 is easy as the Cowboy Channel, the official broadcaster, is available on DirecTV. The network, devoted to Western sports and lifestyle, was made available on DirecTV on December 27, 2017.The 24-hour television station is channel 603 on DirecTV.

However, some payment is required to access the DIRECTV service. Although a new customer can enjoy free use for up to seven days when and if the times are correct, they can watch the NFR for free on DIRECTV.

Nevertheless, to enjoy uninterrupted and reliable viewing and access to 65+ live channels, you need a $40 monthly subscriptions.

The Cowboy channel is also available in the DISH Network as channel 232 (SD), in the Verizon FIOS as 246 and in the AT&T U-Verse as channel 566 both in standard definition.

Watch the NFR 2020 on Cowboy Channel online

If your TV platform doesn’t have or cannot access a cowboy channel, the only way to enjoy your favorite event is via live streaming. Watching the Cowboy Channel online is a viable option that can be beneficial for those on the go but still want to catch up on whatever is going to happen live in Arlington, Texas.

Although the only official streaming service of the 2020 WNFR is Pro Rodeo TV, you can still stream all of the main performances of the NFR at the same time on the Cowboy Channel, which is available on various online TV platforms and through the official website.

Stream NFR 2020 on Cowboy Channel Plus

If you want to stream 2020 NFR on Pro Rodeo, whose streaming service only allows 12 hours of on-demand viewing, you may be missing out on part of the show.

However, with some subscriptions, you can be sure that you will be able to enjoy all 15 rounds and even a few extra hours after the show is over on the Cowboy Channel.

Below are some subscriptions that can guarantee you viewing this year’s WNFR championship.

  • The 2020 NFR Streaming Pass for $ 99.99 excluding TCC + and one-time
  • The NFR Season Pass for $ 169.99 with TCC +

These three types of subscription allow live viewing access to on-demand viewing access. Each allows you to view all 10 performances of the NFR 2020 in high definition.

NFR 2020 events

For many years there have been seven main events at the National Finals Rodeo. Each of the seven events has their cash prizes that are paid out. The prizes for these events are set by each of the top-ranked participants in order to obtain a rank over the total prize pool of the event. The fifteen best cowboys and cowgirls in each event will be rated accordingly. Those in the top eight of the NFR overall are also recognized.

Here is a brief overview of the seven events.

  • Bareback Riding

In this event, the cowboys are riding a jerky horse and are supposed to stay on their backs for as long as possible, with only bareback rigging being the primary means of staying on top.

  • Steer wrestling

A bulldogger who is the horseback steer wrestler puts to halt a fast moving ox on its back as fast as possible

  • Team roping

The title indicates that this is an event with a team of two types of participants. The purpose of the resolutions is to tie the head or neck of the ox, and the heels tie the hind legs. The team works together as quickly as possible to avoid penalties.

  • Saddle bronc riding

Similar to bareback riding, the rider maintains balance on the back of the jerking horse as much as possible.

  • Bull riding

Cowboys also try as much as possible to keep their balance on the back of a jerking bull in this event, and points are awarded based on the techniques shown.

  • Tie –down roping

Cowboys in this event while on a horse they race a running calf   released in the arena.

  • Barrel racing

This is an event for cowgirls who using a horse to race against each other and barrels are used along the racing track.

Last words 

Just like in the past few years, this upcoming edition of NFR will still be fun and therefore a must watch for any fan. We have given you all the information on how to watch your favorite rodeo event. Now you can set your preference.

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