6 Best apps to make money during COVID-19 in 2021

COVID-19 has seen the shifting dynamics of the employment sector. Lockdown measures around the globe brought about tremendous losses to both businesses and workers.

If you’re one of the employees whose livelihood was affected by this deadly virus, you’re like in a position where you need extra money to get by. The silver lining is: since the lockdown measures around the world have taken effect, the internet has become a place where you can find absolutely everything. That includes jobs.

In the form of various apps, you can land short- and long-term gigs that can help you earn extra money. Here are the 6 best apps to help you make money during COVID-19:


Upwork is one of the best money making apps where you can sell your services. It is an app that brings freelancers and employers together regardless of geographic setting. There are tons of jobs up for grab. There are jobs for writing, proofreading, editing, virtual assistance, graphic design, and more.

You simply have to create a profile on the app which demonstrates your abilities, work experiences, and upload a portfolio of your work for future employers to reference to. You can also state your preferred rate per hour. Once your profile is set up, you can then have access to the different jobs that are posted daily.

You will have to apply for the jobs that you think are suitable with your expertise. Once you have applied, the employer will get back to you or archive your proposal depending on the decisions made. The more proposals you send, the higher the chance of finding employment.


Foap is an app where you can make 400 dollars fast by showing off your photographic and video taking skills for money. All that is required of you is to upload your best photos and videos in the hope that a person or brand will purchase these. Once your photo or video is purchased, Foap splits the remuneration for you.

The higher quality photograph or video you upload, the higher the remuneration. Make sure to sell photographs and videos that you take pride so can be sure that they’ll get some attention.

Once you realise how much money you can make on such platforms, you may even decide to become a digital nomadafter the pandemic.

Offer Up

If your home is full of items that you no longer use, you can sell these on Offer Up. The people in your community who are also active on the app will see the items and offer to purchase. On the app, you can upload pictures, and give a detailed description of the product. If you want your products to gain popularity, you can sign up for the paid promotions feature of the app.


Decluttr is an app where you can sell used electronic gadgets such as tablets, phones, earphones, and walkman discs. Once you register on the app, you will need to scan the items with the phone. Once you scan your item, the app provides an instant offer which you can either accept or reject. You then print the pre-paid label and send off the items using thedifferent channels provided. These include dropping off at a UPS store, a designated retail outlet, or giving a UPS driver to deliver the product.


By using this app, you can make money off of a car you hardly use. Simply sign up and put your car up for listing so people can rent it. You can use the app calculator to trace how much you are making. You can register your car on Turo if it meets the following requirements:

  • Its mileage is no more than 130 000
  • It is less than 12 years old
  • It isn’t listed or registered on any other site


iPoll is an app where you can get paid to take surveys. The responses that you provide on the surveys are used to improve various service products. You will need to set up your profile by answering various questions so that you are placed in a specific category. You are then invited to answer surveys based on your profile and the information that you would have filled in. You can then expect payment after answering the surveys to the best of your ability.


The digital space is a place where you can find almost anything and you should take advantage of that. If you need extra money, the internet is a great place to find apps that’ll help you. Some of the apps that you can check out include Upwork, Foap, Offer Up, Decluttr, Turo, and iPoll.

Make sure to check out sites that have been tried and tested to avoid becoming a victim of a calculated scam. These usually have reviews on different platforms and are reputable as well as recommended.

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