Dy brushes off Patterson callout, has eyes on title shot

FILIPINO MMA fighter and Brave CF lightweight title contender Rolando Dy. — BRAVE CF

RECENTLY called out by one of the contenders in the lightweight division in Brave Combat Federation (CF), Filipino fighter Rolando “Dy Incredible” Dy has chosen to brush it off and instead focus on getting a title shot.

Labelled by British stalwart Sam Patterson as “The Incredible Journeyman that talks a lot” and challenged to a showdown, Mr. Dy (14-9) said he is not inclined to grant the former’s request as he believes Mr. Patterson is just trying to get attention and that foremost in his mind right now is to take on reigning Brave lightweight world champion Amin Ayoub.

“He’s (Patterson) just an attention-seeker. I don’t want to fight him not because I am afraid. I don’t want to fight him because he backed out against Brewin. He chickened out. He didn’t have a valid reason to back out. I don’t believe he’s really injured,” Mr. Dy said, referring to John Brewin of New Zealand who Mr. Patterson was supposed to battle in November.

Mr. Dy, 29, took the fight on short notice after Mr. Patterson pulled out and the Filipino went on to win by unanimous decision.

It was his second straight victory in Brave, and thrust him to a title shot against Mr. Ayoub as well as being nominated for the 2020 Fighter of the Year award in the Bahrain-based promotion.


“I won’t give [Patterson] his request because I am the one who’s next for the title. I want that title shot,” he said.

Mr. Dy went on to caution Mr. Patterson to be careful of what he wishes for.

“Sam Patterson is a good and smart fighter. But he is still a child in this game. Maybe someday, our roads will intertwine. It’s going to be a hard lesson for him because he will realize how inexperienced he is as a fighter,” said Mr. Dy, son of Filipino boxing legend Rolando Navarette.

Meanwhile, Mr. Dy shared that these days he is extra motivated as apart from angling to have a title shot, he is also enjoying married life.

Mr. Dy recently tied the knot with his partner Stephanie Rebagoda in a civil wedding held on Nov. 28 and he said things have been going smoothly since his wife is very understanding of his work as a fighter.

“I am happy because my wife understands my life as a fighter. She understands every aspect of my job description. She also attends to my needs as an athlete. It’s a blessing that I found someone who will stick with me through thick and thin,” he said.

“We’ve been living together for a year already. I just wanted to make it formal, as well as legal, in the eyes of the Lord and our families,” Mr. Dy added. — Michael Angelo S. Murillo


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