JEG Tower @ One Acacia wins property award

JEG DEVELOPMENT Corp.’s (JDC) first green high-rise tower was named the Best Commercial Green Development at the 8th PropertyGuru Philippines Property Awards.

JEG Tower @ One Acacia, located in Cebu business district, is a LEED pre-certified Silver residential development.

The 22-storey office and retail building has energy-efficient features. It has a recycling space for a Materials Recovery Facility and dedicated 20% of the estate to green spaces, including a green rooftop.

The company is also the first local Cebuano company to win the Best Commercial Green Development award.

“We aim to inspire other developers to take the first steps in offering high-quality spaces that make people feel valued and protected. We wanted to elevate the experience of our occupants with sophisticated workplace design, and environment that revolutionizes work and life,” JDC Chief Operating Officer Marko Sarmiento said.


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