Legacy Construction Corporation generates over 1,000 jobs nationwide amid pandemic

Despite this past year of substantial shifts in the labor market due to the global pandemic, family-run diversified holdings company Legacy Construction Corporation has been able to provide new jobs to over 1,000 Filipinos thanks to their ventures in construction, real estate, and agriculture.

“We are grateful for the opportunity to provide some stability to our employees, especially during this tumultuous year. Legacy Construction Corporation is happy to continue our nation-building efforts through investments in both community projects and the members of these communities themselves,” said President Alex Abelido in a statement.

The Department of Labor and Employment reported that over 3.73 million workers were affected as lockdown measures hurt the Philippine economy 1 . Many companies have had to downsize, but Legacy Construction Corporation has been able to not only retain, but grow their employee pool through their diversified portfolio of services.

While they started out by specializing in government construction projects in Bacolod, Legacy Construction Corporation has since ventured out into new provinces and into different sectors with LS PRAMMANI for realty development and Legacy Farms for agriculture. By not limiting themselves to one location or industry, Legacy Construction Corporation has helped see the growth of towns nationwide alongside the proud locals they employ.

“Our communities, particularly those outside of the country’s major cities, have so much potential to grow,” shared Legacy Construction Corporation Operations Director Raymond Abelido. “In the past few years, we’ve focused on expanding to realty and agriculture because we understand that these sectors have a multiplier effect in uplifting a community’s viability,” he added.


Both the real estate industry and the agricultural sector have been cited as key factors in the country’s economic recovery for the post-pandemic era. Economist Dr. Bernardo Villegas from the University of Asia and Pacific recently noted the continued demand in residential property 2 , while the World Bank released a report on the importance of transforming the country’s farming into a vibrant rural economy 3 . Moreover, the government’s consistent funding for its Build, Build, Build projects helps ensure the job security for those in construction.

By investing in such essential sectors, Legacy Construction Corporation has been able to generate over 1,000 jobs in the past year alone. Stringent protocols in all operations are also in place to protect employees from the ongoing health concerns.

“We are a proudly Filipino company that proudly invests in the Filipino people. Being able to share our legacy with those who work with us is part of our commitment to nation-building, so we will continue to find opportunities to empower communities,” shared Alex.


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