REELS Corporation Inc. provides K-pop content to MTV, VH1, MTV2, and other media channels abroad

The solution for the Korean entertainment management industry

The Korean startup REELS Corporation Inc., as the first Asian company, plans to carry out performances as a K-pop promoter with partnered companies of ViacomCBS.

Sunghyun Yoo, CEO of REELS Corporation Inc., announced, “We discussed and agreed upon posting K-pop music videos on MTV, VH1 and MTV2 of ViacomCBS through our local partner agencies. We are also considering presenting K-pop news broadcasts on Comedy Central, Nickelodeon and other media channels. It will be decided at the end of 2020.”

With the promotion partnered with ViacomCBS domestic media networks, every artist in Korea can earn a valuable opportunity to show their music videos, live stages and other promotional content on broadcasting platforms abroad through REELS Corporation Inc.

REELS Corporation Inc. works as an agency to support Korean artists’ overseas expansion and has partnerships with various entertainment management companies and media. CEO Sunghyun Yoo said, “It is an exceptional occasion that a Korean agency schedules delivery plans on MTV.”

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