Romania – bridgehead to the EU

Do you produce goods or offer services? Would you like to continue to benefit from the advantages of EU internal trade?

Thanks to an inexpensive Eastern European country with its excellently trained academics and highly motivated workforce, our network offers you all services from a single source.

With over 20 years of experience and 114 companies that have already successfully relocated to Romania, we will have capacities free again from 2021.

We accompany you from the search for a suitable and logistically sensible location for your business, permits, hall construction or rented rooms, machine transfer, employee acquisition, accounting – i.e. up to the handover of the keys to the new business.

In addition, under certain conditions, you benefit from substantial EU funding for your business. Well-founded knowledge of the market and an unconditionally discreet handling of native speakers on your behalf are a legally secure support right now.You name your wishes, we are happy to lead you to your goal.

You can contact us on +49 (0) 152.2845 1133 or by email:

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