Defining Microsoft GP and Salesforce Dynamics GP Integration

Microsoft Dynamics GP and Salesforce Dynamics GP integration open many ripe possibilities for different organizations that use these tools to improve their functions and systems.

Microsoft Dynamics GP and CRM integration introduces many more benefits. Choose Microsoft Dynamics GP integration for your organization easily. For instance, companies can satisfy some of their financial and accounting needs through Microsoft Dynamics GP in addition to serving many other essential and vital purposes. In many cases, Dynamics GP actually handles many different items of importance to large and small companies. You can manage finances, inventories, and operations all with this tool.

On the flip side, Salesforce as a CRM concentrates more on the customer side of the business you might find yourself in. From marketing to sales and support, your contacts feed your business and your CRM like Salesforce manages all those crucial relationships so that you can access your users, customers, and clients with ease and efficiency. Then, when you use a pre-configured integration solution like RapidiOnline, you can enjoy even more synergy and synchronization between your systems, fueling organization-wide growth.

Integration can mean the difference between gaining a competitive advantage over your competition or trailing behind picking up the scraps of larger companies. With integration, you release your company from old bonds of non-coordinated systems and tools that don’t intelligently combine into something incredibly powerful for your company. You can try Microsoft Dynamics GP and Salesforce integration with a trusted partner to gain some of the advantages.

Explore some of the reasons you should be using Microsoft Salesforce Dynamics GP integration at your organization without disrupting your current workflow or departments. See how these tools compare and how they can be made to work together increasingly well.

What is Microsoft Dynamics GP and a CRM like Salesforce?

One of the best ways to discover the differences and similarities between Microsoft Dynamics GP and a CRM like Salesforce is to look at their functions. From there, you can spot obvious changes between their design, function, and data. Both systems of course aim to provide more efficiency to your business while you focus on delivering an excellent customer and product experience. Consider the following points of comparison as you consider integration of these two varying systems.

For one, Microsoft Dynamics GP is primarily a planning and accounting system with different applications and functions within manufacturing, supply, management, human resources, and more. By comparison, Salesforce and other CRM solutions you might find on the market deal with your contacts and customers through a highly structured approach to managing relationships. Through a CRM, you might be able to help various teams in sales, marketing, and service so that you can provide customers with a delightful occasion every time they engage you.

There are some differences between pricing for the different tools as you might imagine, but these tools serve such different functions at your organization that to combine them often makes sense for those wishing to gain a systematic advantage over other firms. You might enjoy some of the following benefits from an integration of your MS Dynamics GP system and a tool like Salesforce.

Using Microsoft Dynamics GP and Salesforce Integration

You can boost efficiency immediately at your organization by reducing redundancy in data entry and improving visibility to improve decision making. You can use the equally essential functions that Microsoft Dynamics GP and Salesforce offer in combination through a pre-configured integration like RapidiOnline to save time.

Companies often decide to integrate these solutions in order to synchronize their inventories, customer data, and contacts. They find that can cancel repetitive entry of data, automate certain processes, and support decisions better through integration.

These same companies have found that the pre-configured solution to integration also works best for them because they don’t need to dedicate resources, time, or team members to the complex and technical job of integrating these giants. Instead, they choose custom solutions and integrations from a trusted third-party so they can secure the competitive advantage of synchronized data without the slowdowns that in-house integration presents.

ALT attribute: Microsoft Dynamics GP Integration combines data from different sources for a complete picture.

Explore MS Dynamics GP Salesforce Integration

Through a solution like RapidiOnline, Microsoft Dynamics GP and solutions like Salesforce gain incredible power and connect to deliver better, more improved performance to your organization no matter the size or industry. If you want to improve your organization’s systems and processes, consider a third-party integration, and learn more about RapidiOnline for the best in pre-configured MS Dynamics GP integration tools.

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