How to resize videos easily?

On certain occasions, when you want to enjoy an outstanding video watching experience, then the best way to do so is by resizing its aspect ratio and size.

Also, videos are essential for digital marketing strategy, and individuals have to edit and create high-quality videos. You can watch all your favorite videos on all the types of devices when you have the video resizing tool beside you. Videos that are not within the right aspect ratio will either stop working or will not play at all. For such reasons, you can resize video in an easy way by following the correct and accurate steps of video resizing. There are many tools and software out there, but you must choose the top-class one, premium-quality, and matches your budget.

 Why is video resizing so important?

Video resizing is conducted by both professionals and movie-buffs. You can easily upload your favorite videos through video resizing to social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and so on. The video resizing tool is not just ideal for people who wish to grow their business but also an excellent option for people who love uploading all types of videos on their social media accounts. Given below are some of the reasons that justify the importance of video resizing. Take a look!

  • Reduces the data consumption: When the size of the video is reduced, the internet or the data consumption will also reduce. Along with that, the video that you upload within the online platform will consume less data when you download it on your device. For such reasons, video resizing stands out as the best option because it will help you watch many videos when the data consumption is low.
  • Provides more space: Resizing your videos will enable you to have plenty of space available on your device. Whether it’s a computer, tablet, smartphone, or laptop, videos will consume less space once they are resized. This allows you to download more videos and also get to keep other files as well. When there is plenty of space in your device, then it will work much faster, and you do not have to delete any of your personal or private files from it.
  • Lessens the price: Reducing the size of your videos will prevent you from purchasing an external hard drive to store your files. When you have large videos stored in your devices, then it takes up so much space that cannot put other files on it. This leads to the spending of unwanted cash. It will also reduce the bandwidth variation, which will ultimately lead to a decrease in price. So, it’s not wrong to say that video resizing will help you save plenty of cash.
  • High quality: Many individuals are pretty confused about whether or not the quality of the video will still stay the same after the resizing process. When you opt for a high-quality video resizing tool, then no matter how much size you reduce, the quality of the video will stay the same. This is the most vital reason that you must put under your consideration when resizing videos.
  • Superb speed: When videos are resized, then you can easily upload pretty quickly. It will not take you much time to upload or share the video as it did before. Through this process, you can upload and download all your favorite videos at an excellent speed without experiencing any issue or interruption.

 How to resize videos?

The process of video resizing is not that complicated. When you have video resizing software or a tool like Wondershare, you can get the job done. Given below are the steps to resize a particular video.

Download, install and launch the software:

The first thing you need to do is visit the website of Wondershare software and download the software. The software is free. After the downloading is complete, install the software into your device. The install process is pretty simple, as all you need to do is follow the steps as directed for the installation. When the installation is complete, then all you have to do is launch the software and click on the Toolbox tab, and press on Video Compression.

Choose and add the videos to resize:

After you click on the Video Compression tab, a new window will open that comes with a “+” icon. Press on that plus sign and browse through the videos that you wish to resize. You can either choose the videos from the folder you usually keep or can do by downloading a video from the internet.

Select the settings for video resizing:

Once you have selected the video or videos you wish to resize, your video will get added immediately, and the information of the video will display on your device’s screen. You can then adjust the settings so that you can customize it according to your needs. Some of the vital things you can adjust are the video bitrate, opting for a new video format, the quality, and the resolution of the video. When you finish making all the changes, then you can click on the Preview button and get to see your final work.

Resize your video immediately:

After making sure the quality and the audio is working perfectly and previewing the parameters, you can press the Save File button and choose the location where you wish to store the video. When you are satisfied with all the outcomes, then without wasting any more time, you can click on the Compress button and resize your video with immediate effect.

Ending Note!

Video resizing has become an important thing in this modern era. The tool is not just ideal for movie lovers or business owners, but it helps professionals like film directors as well. Currently, the best video resizing software in the market is Wondershare, and it stands out as one of the best software when compared with other video resizing tools. It will support and run evenly on all the versions of Windows and Mac. The software also has many unique and highly advanced features that you will not find in other software or tools for video resizing.

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